Does Cryoskin Work?

Cryoskin is the umbrella term for the proprietary procedure, which uses both warm and cold temperatures to break down fat cells. The cryoskin treatment is a technology of treating fat cells with first hot, and then cold, temperatures in order to destroy fat using a specialized machine. Originally developed in France, cryoskin is the general term to describe removing fat cells by concentrating the use of cold and heat, a process known as apoptosis (or, programmed cell death). Cryoskin is non-invasive technology that uses cooling techniques to freeze and destroy fat cells, reducing body fat in a flash.

Cryoskin is designed to freeze parts of your skin at below freezing temperatures in order to kill fat cells, reducing these pockets of fat, and causing it to look smooth. Furthermore, cryoskin is a noninvasive technique that could be called an alternative to surgery. It is called Cryoskin, which is a non-invasive, half-hour long procedure which contours your body without pain, to create up to two inches reductions, all in just one treatment.

Eyewitnesses claim Cryoskin produces some amazing results when it comes to fighting off body fat in hard-to-tender areas and tightening skin. It is used to burn fat cells, increase collagen production, and enhance skins appearance. Cryoskin originated from Paris, where cryoskin is used to break down fat cells, remove cellulite, and delay the ageing process. Cryoskin originated in Paris, and is now a new technology using heat and cold to decrease fat cells and tone or tighten the skin.

Cryoskin is a cutting-edge treatment that tightens skin and fat using temperatures below freezing. Cryoskin treatments are designed to drop the temperature of fat cells in the treated area, breaking them down sufficiently to not damage surrounding tissues. Cryoskin Fat Freezing is followed by another heat treatment that helps eliminate fat cells. Cryotoning is cryotherapy that works by freezing the subcutaneous fat, the layer of fat directly beneath your skin.

Cryoskin Cryoslimming Cryotherapy machine

The Cryo Slimming treatments basically work by decreasing cellulite in two ways: by removing clumping fat cells, and by temporarily tightening up the skin. CryoSkin Slimming is composed of three stages of heat shock, which naturally breaks down the fat cells. Since the CryoSkin treatments are applied directly to the body, they are effective immediately, decreasing the size of the fat cells by more than 50% after only 4 sessions. The treatments utilize similar science, but CryoSkin is proven much more rapid and efficient in eliminating fat cells.

Commonly performed via the methods of Cryoskin and CoolSculpting, both forms of cryotherapy provide effective means to both decrease the appearance of fat pockets as well as to tighten the body. They do this by using cold temperatures to freeze, and thus remove, fat-storing cells. No, treatments such as cryoskin are not one in the same procedures, and the only commonality is they are cold, non-invasive.

The Cryoskin site has surprisingly few concrete details on how Cryoskin procedures work. Cryoskin remains vague about the medical procedures that they employ (at least, we cannot discern that from their site), and we cannot locate any clinical studies of Cryoskin published in medical journals. We cannot confirm definitively whether cryolipolysis to lose fat is a procedure used by Cryoskin, as the words cryolipolysis did not appear on Cryoskins site when this article was written.

As one expert we spoke to said, Cryoskin only has the ability to remove one-fourth the amount of fat that liposuction is designed to address. When you drink, your body stops burning fat, so you are destroying the chances that it is going to work. With cryoskin, because you are relying on your lymphatic drainage system to naturally detoxify, your technicians are not breaking down so many fat cells.

It is recommended that you drink more water after every treatment, and between every treatment; this allows the body to wash away broken down fat cells through your lymphatic system.

If the cryoskin is trying to treat a larger area, it is hard to keep your fat cells cold enough for this to be effective. Second, we have to concentrate on a fairly small area in order to make it cool enough to freeze the fat cells and kill them, and typically, the desired area is far too big. First, although someone over the age of 30 may still be able to lose fat cells with cryoskin treatments, it is not going to be significant enough to make the procedure worthwhile.

Cryoskin is best for someone who is fit, looking to thin, tone, and remove troublesome areas of the body. Cryoskin is also customisable, focusing on painlessly contouring your body into the desired form, whereas CoolSculpting pinches and pulls your skin in pain using cold clamps, which may cause you to experience numbness and collect body fat elsewhere. Both CoolSculpting and Cryoskin are non-surgical, FDA-approved procedures used to break down stubborn fats, all the while contouring and tone your skin.

Cryoskin face treatments are also 20 minutes long, and they use cold temperatures to increase collagen production, decrease creased and pores, and increase elasticity of the skin. The increase of the CryoSkin tone helps in boosting collagen, helping reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, closing pores, and increasing the elasticity of your skin, giving you a glow from Cryoskin. Both these treatments utilize the same CryoSkin device; however, the procedures of each treatment utilize different techniques, timings, and temperatures, targeting different layers of skin, which yields a variety of results. CryoSkin Slimming starts with a 2-minute warm-up in 40oC, followed by a 12-minute cool-down in -8oC on the affected areas such as your hips, glutes, and stomach.