EMSCULPT machine

Continue reading for a breakdown of what results to expect with the Emsculpt Body Contouring Treatment. Emsculpt is a relatively new option for body contouring treatments, so many patients have questions about this innovative procedure. 

Emsculpt is an FDA-approved, innovative body contouring treatment that is designed to reduce body fat, while tone your muscles and build lean body mass. Emsculpt is a great choice of body sculpting treatment for men and women looking to increase metabolism, lose excess body fat, and build muscle. EmSculpt is an innovative treatment that reduces body fat and builds muscle tone on specific areas of the body. 

EmSculpt is a 30-minute muscle building procedure with no pain, redness, swelling, delivered with the most consistent results. EMSculpt is a non-surgical treatment that builds muscle and rapidly burns fat, with no downtime and no needles.     

Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to induce strong muscular contractions in the treated areas. Emsculpt uses focused, high-intensity electromagnetic energy to induce what is called supramaximal contractions (the type you cannot get with voluntary muscle activity). EmSculpts electromagnetic technology then causes supramaximal contractions, which can feel like crunching or lunging, depending on positioning. 

As the EMSculpt device works with your muscles, you feel strong, pulsatile muscle contractions. The EMSculpt procedure feels like a hard training session, because you are subjecting your muscles to an intense set of contractions every few minutes, over the course of a 30-minute session. You will feel as much peaceful soreness following your EMSculpt treatment as you did during your intense workout.     

You can expect that an EMSculpt treatment will feel like a vigorous workout in a gym. Emsculpt treatment is not painful, and is more likely just uncomfortable, with many patients comparing it to feeling like an intense workout, or describing the feeling of slight tugging. The discomfort felt during Emsculpt treatment may differ between patients, depending on their pain threshold.

Some patients report feeling the muscles cramping, but this is like working out in a gym, and this sensation is temporary during the treatment. Usually, after a great gym session, people feel either sore or just tired because of all of the intense activities that they have just done. EmSculpt is not painful, but due to its intensity at 20, experts say that one may feel slightly sore afterwards, comparable to intense training.

EmSculpt contracts 90% of your muscles, as opposed to the 20% to 30% that you might get lean in a workout. Emsculpt builds up your muscle fibers (by about 16%) to get a more defined abdominals and rounded back, while it also helps you burn fat like no workout. Remember, Emsculpt does not just focus on getting rid of your unwanted body fat and slouching up your midsection, but also builds muscle.    

If getting rid of fat is your main concern, CoolSculpting or SculpSure may be a better choice, then you can follow that up with the newer one to tighten up and define muscles. Unlike the CoolSculpting or SculpSure treatments, where you are targeting the fat directly, the fat-burning caused by Emsculpt is more a residual effect from what the device does to your muscles. The increase is what makes Emsculpt different than fat-reducing treatments such as CoolSculpting, because it is stimulating muscle growth at the same time as speeding up fat loss.     

Studies have shown between 15% to 20% more muscle growth in this region after the treatment regimen, and less body fat. Emsculpt studies have shown gains in muscle growth and fat reduction of a treated area after treatment regimens, according to authors and aesthetic dermatologists. According to the companys protocols, a brand-new one is capable of creating around 16 % muscle development on the areas on which it is used, after four treatments, spaced out over a period of two weeks.     

The muscle mass built from only four treatment sessions is expected to last an average of 6 months or longer. There is no need for any downtime following your EMSculpt, although you will want to avoid working out for several hours following your treatment, should you really feel any muscle soreness. You will feel the difference in the targeted area right after an Emsculpt treatment, but you will need 2 to 4 weeks to see the noticeable results of the treatment. 

Within 2-3 sessions, you will notice noticeable changes to the way your muscles feel, and they are highly likely to also be visible (depending on how much subcutaneous body fat you have in your treated areas). After receiving an Emsculpt treatment, you can expect to see visibly stronger muscles, with visible reductions in body fat. Most patients see results from the very first Emsculpt treatment, and they will notice a noticeable tightening and definition in just a couple of weeks, or weeks, after their final treatment is completed.

Aside from some slight fatigue, patients also do not need to worry about any other potential side effects of using Emsculpt. EMSculpt puts your body through the wringer as in a super intense workout, but there are no significant side effects to EmSculpt. After only 30 minutes of treatment, its non-invasive Electromagnetic Field Technology (HIFEM) causes thousands of muscle contractions, which is the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats or sit-ups.     

You are usually safe getting Emsculpt Neo as soon as 2-4 weeks after your liposuction, however, listen to your body and only receive treatment according to your feelings. The addition of the RF energy makes Emsculpt Neo only a weekly treatment, however, the original Emsculpt device may be used if you are looking for multiple treatments. Just like other fat-melting devices, Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo will not work overnight when it comes to losing body fat, however, you will feel stronger after only one to two sessions.

Here, we show you the before-and-after pictures of an EMSculpt treatment, and discuss how you can maximize both muscle-building and fat-loss results once you get your EmSculpt treatment. Some of the main benefits of this treatment are: Fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, reduced pain, improved joint health, and more. Males and females looking for any of these benefits are good candidates for the EMSculpt as well. It has been found that EMSculpt may improve your training results, strengthening areas of your muscles which are usually hard to achieve even in intensive workouts.