Does Emsculpt Improve Upper Arm Skin Laxity?

EMSCULPT is a noninvasive, fat-reducing procedure that helps tighten the skin and build muscle in the hips and other areas, resulting in a leaner, toned look. EMSculpt is a non-surgical treatment that builds muscle and rapidly reduces body fat, with no downtime and no needles.  

The treatment involves no surgeries or liposuction, and uses your own muscle movements to remove fat and add muscle. EMSCULPT not only cuts fat, it will increase muscle, just like you would expect with an exercise. The treatment is uniquely effective at breaking down the hard-to-remove body fat that diet and exercise cannot. Because the body cannot replace treated fat cells, if you maintain a regular exercise regimen and good dietary habits, emsculpts benefits are long-lasting.    

In addition, it may effectively reduce body fat, tighten skin, and tone muscles in commonly targeted areas. Used to tighten skin and shape your body, Emsculpt may be effective in your stomach, glutes, hips, and upper arms. While first used on the belly and buttocks, Emsculpt for arms is now available on arms, calves, and more.

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 EmSculpt is a fan-favorite, one people return to repeatedly, as it improves the appearance of arms of all shapes, sizes, and levels of muscle. EmSculpt does more than just help you lose that hard-to-get-off body fat, but it helps build muscles too, so that you get slick, toned, and stronger arms.     

EmSculpt is a proven treatment that has helped a lot of people build muscles and lose excess fat from their bodies. EmSculpt is capable of targeting body fat at specific locations on the body, helping you to attain a more sculpted, attractive physique. If you have significant amounts of body fat in the targeted areas, the technique might fail to target the muscles effectively.  

While the EmSculpt may deliver quick results, you will not see the full effects of the treatment right away. If you have significant amounts of loose skin or cellulite in the area of your treatment, you might feel happier about your results if you get skin tightening or cellulite treatments after using this body contouring technique. EmSculpt can contour and improve many different areas of the body. While the results for each person will be different, it is possible that within two weeks after receiving this treatment, you may notice improvements to your muscles.    

At the end of treatment, the overall result is cell remodeling in targeted muscle groups, with improved skin tightening and muscular tone. After only 4 treatment sessions, patients are able to gain more lean muscle while losing body fat simultaneously. In clinical studies, treatments have achieved a (on average) 19% decrease in body fat and 16% increase in lean body mass. On average, after 4 sessions, a 19 % decrease in fat and a 16 % increase in muscle.    

A single set of EmSculpt NEO treatments will result in a 25% increase in muscles, with up to 30% fat loss within the treated areas. EMSCULPT NEO is very effective at building muscle and decreasing fat -- up to a 25 percent increase in muscle and 30 percent decrease in fat in a single series of treatments -- in the abdominal region. EMSCULPT is the perfect body contouring treatment for men who want to build muscle and decrease fat to get a more defined abdominals or to bulk up their glutes. EmSculpt is an innovative treatment that reduces body fat and builds muscle tone in specific areas of the body.    

EMSCULPT is an innovative body contouring treatment that builds muscle and burns fat through electromagnetic pulses. It is a new aesthetic treatment that is a breakthrough in body contouring, giving healthy men and women the ability to skip a surgical procedure and avoid the long recovery time. EMSCULPT is a non-surgical muscle-enhancement treatment using HIFEM technology that forces targeted muscle groups to contract, encouraging muscle fibers and new protein chains to form, all the while decreasing fat cells in the surrounding areas. EMSCULPT treatments use HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology to burn off excess body fat and build more muscle in commonly troubled areas such as your hips, upper arms, belly, and glutes.    

During an Emsculpt NEO treatment, RF energy heats up both the muscles and the fat cells. To power the intense muscle contractions caused by the Emsculpt treatment, the body melts surrounding fat cells to provide energy.    

While Emsculpt NEO works by burning off the stubborn upper-arm fat, it also builds stronger, more defined muscles. The increase is what sets Emsculpt apart from fat-reducing treatments such as CoolSculpting, because it encourages muscle growth, as well as speeding up fat loss. You can lose fat and gain muscle with EMSculpt, and after getting the treatment, you will look far more trim and more attractive. EMSCULPT DOES AFFECT -- Not only does EMSCULPT work for those of us struggling with excess body fat, it works for people who are generally looking good, but who simply want some extra definition in their muscles.    

 Male patients with minor skin laxity can see some minor results in skin tightening, but this is not a major focus with EMSCULPT. There are palpable results felt immediately following the treatment, akin to intense exercise in the targeted muscles.


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