emsculpt machine with cusion

EMSCULPT machine with cusion


EMSCULPT is one of the newest breakthrough body contouring treatments. EMSCULPT is an innovative body sculpting treatment that builds muscles and burns fat through the use of Electromagnetic Pulse. These high-powered contractions produce highly efficient metabolic reactions, burning fat and building more muscle every session of EMSCULPT.

About 20 kick-start your fat-burning and muscle-building, giving you the lean, toned body you crave--without having to go to the gym to get it. In response to these contractions, your muscles rebuild themselves, while the fat cells in the area are eliminated. EmSculpt contracts 90% of the muscles, as opposed to the 20%-30% you might get by toned during a workout at the gym. EMSculpt contracts muscles more than is possible with a voluntary effort, which results in better muscle tone and enhanced fat loss.

If you exercise once and never return to the gym, these muscles will have atrophyed, and the same is true of muscle gains with Emsculpt. Because Emsculpt toned muscles while the Neo tightened and fused with fat, results have slightly different durability. Just like other fat-melting devices, Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo will not work overnight when it comes to losing bodyfat, but you will feel stronger after only one to two sessions.

Despite the many body contouring options currently available, Emsculpt is the first and only noninvasive treatment that burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously. Manufactured by BTL Aesthetics, Emsculpt is a unique, non-invasive body contouring treatment that burns fat while toning your abdominal and gluteal muscles simultaneously. While Emsculpt Beverly Hills is an FDA-approved treatment that has produced incredible results for both men and women with both body fat removal and muscular tone, it is no substitute for healthy eating and living.

EMSCULPT also does not require any downtime, so patients are free to keep hitting the gym or exercising to help keep their fat-reduction and muscle-toned results. EMSCULPT is a new aesthetic procedure that is a breakthrough in body contouring, giving healthy men and women the ability to skip a surgical procedure and avoid the long recovery time. When I heard about Emsculpt, a new, FDA-approved, noninvasive, risk-free treatment that promises to strengthen ab muscles and help smooth out the belly, it seemed to me like Emsculpt was a miracle that I was waiting for.

Which is why, when I got the email about the new, FDA-clear, body contouring treatment called BTL Emsculpt, which promises not just to slash fat, but also build ab muscles, I set an appointment immediately with Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. Frank warns that, although a new one may help cut fat, its primary function is for muscle building. Shari Sperling points out that Emsculpt certainly emphasizes definition all by itself, but the best results will come with a combination of Emsculpt treatments, healthy eating, and consistent exercise regimen. Emsculpt Emsculpt sponsored their own trial with 33 individuals, which found a median decrease in subcutaneous abdominal body fat of 19 percent a month following treatment, and 23 percent reduction after three months.

In a study on whether and how much Emsculpt works, 22 subjects experienced an average 15 percent increase in their abdominal muscle thickness two months after receiving Emsculpt treatment. Another clinical trial, published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, found subjects had an average 15 % increase in muscle thickness two months after receiving four treatments. The manufacturers own studies showed a mean decrease in 30 percent in subcutaneous body fat and 25 percent in muscle gain following four treatments.

Studies show patients undergoing EmSculpt see 16 percent on average more muscle, with an average reduction in fat of 19 percent. According to authors and aesthetic dermatologists, studies on Emsculpt have shown gains in muscle and a 15 percent to 20 percent decrease in body fat within a treated area following one treatment session. The increases distinguish Emsculpt from fat-reducing treatments such as CoolSculpting, because it stimulates muscle growth, as well as accelerates your loss of body fat. Adriana Martino reports that after Emsculpt, you can expect to see 16 percent more muscle hypertrophy in your treated areas, as well as a 19 percent decrease in body fat.

Overall, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank says the breakthrough treatment works by burning fat and building muscle in order to contour the body. As opposed to other fat-burning or muscle-building technologies such as lasers and ultrasound, Emsculpt is an electromagnetic procedure used to tighten muscles and eliminate fat cells in the back end and abdominals. Most body-sculpting treatments are designed to remove fat or tighten skin using lasers or ultrasound, but Emsculpts singular goal is to firm up a specific area--currently, the abs or glutes--by increasing muscle mass. Emsculpt uses a body-conforming device to inject energy into the target areas, which causes supramaximal muscle contraction.

Emsculpt delivers pulses of high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) into the muscle tissue, creating supramaximal muscle contractions, which activates more muscle fibers than can be achieved with conventional exercises. Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, Emsculpts proprietary device causes contractions to occur at a fast rate, without allowing target muscles to relax. During each EMSCULPT session, these supramaximal contractions trigger metabolic reactions that encourage the repair and remodeling of the deep tissues, all the while burning off body fat.

Emsculpt may tighten, tone, and strengthen the largest muscle groups in your belly and glutes, and smaller body areas, including your upper arms, hips, and calves. Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists offer Emsculpt in their offices, helping patients achieve stronger, tighter, higher-grade butts over two weeks, though these muscles may need several months to grow. Unlike with CoolSculpting or SculpSure treatments, where you are targeting the fat directly, fat-burning caused by Emsculpt is more a residual effect from what the device does to your muscles.