How Does EMSCULPT Work?

EMSCULPT machine with 2 handles

EMSCULPT is a breakthrough body contouring treatment that burns fat while building muscle at the same time, creating more defined results. Overall, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank says that Emsculpt works by burning fat and building muscle to create body contouring.

By building muscle and cutting away unwanted fat all at once, patients choosing EMSCULPT may experience an appreciably more defined abdominal area. The treatment can remove about one-inch of waistline fat, and it creates a more toned, slimmed-down body. The EMSCULPT procedure feels like a vigorous workout, but you can lie back and relax throughout EMSCULPT. It also does not require any downtime, so patients can keep hitting the gym or exercising to help keep their results of reduced body fat and tightened muscles.

According to doctors I spoke to, the Emsculpt is used throughout the day, even though it costs about $4000 overall for four sessions. While Emsculpt Beverly Hills is an FDA-approved treatment that has produced incredible results for both men and women with both bodyweight loss and muscular tone, it is no substitute for healthy eating and living. Emsculpt is known for its dramatic muscle-toning and fat-burning properties - and the noninvasive treatment requires zero downtime afterward.

Emsculpt delivers focused, high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) pulses into the muscle tissue, creating supramaximal muscle contractions, activating more muscle fibers than can be achieved with conventional exercises. Emsculpt uses a body contouring device to deliver the energy into the target areas, which causes supramaximal muscle contractions. Emsculpts technology uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy, delivered via large pads, to stimulate the target muscle groups. Emsculpt Beverly Hills is a popular muscle-toner technique using electromagnetic energy to induce unintentional muscular contractions.

EMSCULPT is one of the latest in non-surgical body contouring treatments, burning fat and building muscle through electromagnetic pulses. If you are looking for a leaner, more muscular body, EMSCULPT is a spectacular body contouring treatment that works without surgery or invasive procedures. Not only does this breakthrough treatment work on muscles, the body contouring treatment has been shown to decrease body fat as well. Patients choosing a EmSculpt treatment to address body contouring needs can expect both muscle growth and reduced fat.

Over the course of the treatment, you can expect to see a 16 percent increase in lean mass and 15 percent reduction in body fat. According to authors and aesthetic dermatologists, studies on Emsculpt have shown gains in muscle and fat decreases in treated areas that range from 15 to 20% over the course of treatment. Adriana Martino reports that after an Emsculpt procedure, one can expect to see 16 % increase in muscle hypertrophy and a 19% decrease in body fat.

The increase makes Emsculpt stand out from fat-reducing treatments such as CoolSculpting, because it encourages muscle growth, as well as accelerates your fat loss. According to the companys protocols, the all-new is capable of creating around 16% muscle development in the areas that it is used in, after four treatments, spaced out over a period of two weeks. Anyone can see results using EMSculpt, since the technology targets fat while helping to build muscle. Okay, so there are some treatments that claim to reduce fat in target areas -- think CoolSculpting and Sculpsure -- but until EMSculpt came onto the scene, nothing was getting rid of fat and helping to build muscle.

If getting rid of fat is your main concern, CoolSculpting or SculpSure may be your route, then you can follow it up with the newer one to tighten up and define your muscles. EMSCULPT is an ideal treatment for people looking to lose small amounts of body fat and build muscle in targeted areas, but they are already at a healthy weight.

Those treated with liposuction for the removal of excess body fat may also benefit from the tone-building and muscle-building effects of EMSCULPT. EMSculpt is a non-surgical treatment that builds muscle and rapidly reduces body fat, with no downtime and no needles. Fortunately, treatments such as EMSCULPT help you sculpt your body exactly how you want it, with no downtime or discomfort. Yes, EMSCULPT is growing in popularity as a pain-free way to burn body fat and build muscle - more often than not, buttock/glutes and abs.

Emsculpt may sound like science fiction at first. Using High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM), Emsculpt stimulates muscles deep and strongly, to allows you to reach physical goals that would be out of reach otherwise, says Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, an author and aesthetic dermatologist. Author and cosmetic dermatologist added that, in one 30 minute session, Emsculpt causes 20,000 muscle contractions on target areas, in just one 30 minute session, essentially fooling the body into thinking that you have just performed 20,000 crunches or squats to tone and strengthen that area.

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