How Long Does EMSCULPT Last?

EMSCULPT machine

That is because Emsculpt is the first and only body contouring treatment in the world to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. A complex treatment called Emsculpt is a powerful therapy that can be used to slash body fat and build muscle on the upper arms, calves, stomach, and several other locations. If you are a busy person that cannot dedicate hours every night in the gym, then you should consider using Emsculpt to sculpt your body shape and enhance your muscles. This treatment causes a muscle contraction, which reduces your body fat and causes you to build muscles. The treatment devices will simultaneously build your muscles and decrease the unwanted body fat from your treated areas, leaving you looking better and feeling stronger.

Patients who chose this treatment lost between 19% and more of the existing body fat in the treatment area, and increased muscle size by 16% and more in that same area. After only 4 treatment sessions, patients are able to gain lean mass, and simultaneously lose fat. The average patient will see about 16% gains in muscle mass following treatment.

During treatment sessions, the body releases fatty acids, which build up muscle, while breaking down fat at the same time.

The added muscle gains of the other body contouring treatments may also boost a patients metabolism, helping his or her body burn calories more effectively going forward. Because their bodies are becoming more muscular from the results of EmSculpt, patients metabolisms are also increased, making it easier for their bodies to burn calories and fat more effectively.

In addition to the cosmetic benefits of EmSculpt, the stronger muscles that the treatment helps patients gain may also help to prevent injuries. Because this treatment builds muscles as well as removes body fat, it is most commonly used in areas of the body that are rich in muscles, such as the stomach, shins, glutes, and thighs. While many noninvasive body contouring treatments primarily aim at getting rid of unwanted body fat, EmSculpt works on strengthening and building muscles.

If you are looking to improve your bodys appearance, EmSculpt may give you results that last. EmSculpt is perfect for patients who regularly exercise and care for their bodies, but still cannot reach full muscle tone and strength in the stomach or glutes. EmSculpt increases muscle size by 16 percent on average in targeted areas, with a fat-loss rate that averages 19 percent.

Emsculpt studies have shown gains in muscle and fat contractions of between 15 percent and 20 percent in treated areas following one treatment session, according to authors and dermatologists who specialize in cosmetic medicine. After EMSCULPT, muscles are bigger, while a layer of masked fat is smaller, resulting in the sculpted results that can be seen. The excess fat surrounding it is then metabolized by the body, leaving patients with greater muscle tone and more defined looks on the abdominals and glutes, leading to more sculpted profiles.

EMSCULPT gives patients more muscle definition with less body fat, helping them achieve that toned, well-fitting body they always wanted. EmSculpt NEO increases the adrenaline rush in your muscles and breaks down fat cells that are resistant, leading to leaner, more defined muscle definition and size. EMSCULPT helps men and women not only reclaim and strengthen muscles.

Many patients have achieved a more toned, leaner physique after receiving emsculpt treatments at The Skin Clinic for Cosmetics. Patients who have eliminated body fat, whether by dieting and exercising, or using another contouring system, sometimes turn to EmSculpt later to help them tonify the muscles. You might be a good candidate for treatment with an EmSculpt device if you are at or close to your target weight, but want to improve specific contours while burning off excess fat and building muscle simultaneously. Treatment with the EmSculpt will increase your muscle size by about 16%, but unless you keep exercising the muscles after the treatment, they will atrophy.

If you are unhappy with the amount of excess body fat in the target region, and want to increase muscle size, it is likely that you need three to four treatments for each region. During and after each EmSculpt NEO treatment, patients can expect some mild soreness and fatigue in their treated areas, similar to the effects of intensive training sessions.

While some patients may see or even feel the effects of EMSculpt NEO right after the first session, it usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks following a full round of EMSculpt NEO to develop noticeable results, during which time your body begins shedding fat cells and building muscle. Generally speaking, patients who maintain a regular exercise regimen and healthy, balanced diet can expect to keep the results from EMSCULPT NEO for at least 6 to 12 months, and longer.