How to use a Hydro dermabrasion Machine?

Hydrodermabrasion Treatments Hydrodermabrasion applies a unique, low-energy, and Optical Technology for the treatment of the skin, is natural and gentle; it has remarkable effects, is not harmful, and has no side effects. During cleansing, hydrodermabrasion machines generate large amounts of moistness, which provides a lasting hydration for skin. Similar to microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion face machines gently exfoliate your skin using water instead of abrasive crystals.

Microdermabrasion works by exfoliating the upper layers of the skin using a special device that has abrasive surfaces. In simple terms, Hydromidermabrasion is a crystal-free machine that exfoliates your top skin layer with very gentle, distilled water, vitamin- or mineral-infused water, or saline.

The Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Infusion System uses either peeling solutions or regular saline solution to gently exfoliate the skin. It is a crystal-free, alternative to microdermabrasion, and uses a jet of water as the procedure for breaking down the outer layers of the skin to reveal more uniform skin texture and smoothness.

Hydrodermabrasion harnesses the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly remove the skin without using harsh crystals or abrasive texture wands, creating a deep-hydrated, healthy- looking skin.

Diamond microdermabrasion machine

Using the latest in skincare treatment technologies, Hydrodermabrasion blends well-known microdermabrasion techniques with the natural healing powers of water and oxygen, rejuvenating your skin to achieve hydrated, healthy, and youthful-looking results. Hydrodermabrasion is also an anti-aging skin treatment, helping to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tones. Hydrodermabrasion treatments are very effective at improving skin texture, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, and giving your skin deep wateration. Microdermabrasion reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps combat acne and eliminates acne scarring, evens out skin tone, eliminates whiteheads and blackheads, minimizes big pores, and rejuvenates drab skin.

KMSLASER hydrodermabrasion machines remove the dead skin, scars, imperfections, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation from your skin. Even for users with sensitive skin, this face machine helps to remove blackheads, pimples, excessive fine lines, and enhance the skins elasticity. The KMSLASER Hydra Dermabrasion Machine delivers a safe therapy to skin problems, with no side effects. The Sonew Hydradermabrasion Machine uses an advanced technology that rapidly delivers oxygen and water deep into the skin.

The KMSLASER Pro Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine covers pores and hydrates skin, repairing sensitive skin. The Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine also helps your skin better absorb serums and creams to maximize results. KMSLASER

Microdermabrasion Machine is one of the most famous facelift devices worldwide as the KMSLASER Hydrodermabrasion Machine heals or treats dry skin and aging symptoms.

One of the best things about hydrodermabrasion is it can be used for all types of skin in order to heal the aged, clogged, dull, discolored, or photodamaged skin. Hydrodermabrasion Treatments Hydrodermabrasion is the specialist in skincare, suitable for all types of skin, particularly helpful in severely irritated, acne-prone and non-effective for sub-healthy people. It covers the tears and does the protection and healing to your skin. Our hydrodermabrasion products start the collagen cells in order to enable growth, improve the skin elasticity, bleaching, reduce the occurrence of skin impurities.

This unique face treatment involves a 3 step regimen which includes cleaning, exfoliation, and delivering the skin nourishing serum.


The machine also uses a specific serum that is forced to deep layers of skin as the exfoliation is taking place. Instead of the crystals hitting the skin under pressure, the machine uses a Diamond Head Tip which is scrubbing the skin while it is being pointed. For best results, wash and pat dry the face; then, place the machines flat diamond head tip against your skin with care. Added to the crystal-free dermabrasion applicator is the ultrasonic blade that will then slide across skincare products, ensuring that it goes deep into your skin for a better outcome.

Traditional dry microdermabrasion systems typically exfoliate the skin using either corundum crystals or diamond chips, but hydrodermabrasion machines enable the exfoliation treatment to also work at a deeper level while simultaneously hydrating the skin intensely with different serums. HydroDermabrasion machines may provide results in exfoliation of skin, while cryo face treatments are focused on rejuvenating skin through collagen and elastin production enhancements at the dermal level.

KMSLASER hydrodermabrasion machines are the latest 4-in-1 machine for face skincare. The mini bubbling resurfacing treatment  deeply rejuvenates your skin using a whirling technique that simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates, pulls out, and moisturizes.

The procedure is gentle, moisturizing, non-irritating, and immediately effective. The skin feels smooth and refreshed right after treatment, as the blood flows more readily to the surface.

Compared with a high-end Crystal Microdermabrasion, which may leave Crystals on your skin long after treatment is finished, a gentle, liquid hydrodermabrasion machine uses variations in Diamond-tipped, and Gentle Raffi-Tip handpieces to sweep across your skin and lift off your stratum corneum (dry, dead cells) and gently exfoliate your surface area, uncovering younger skin beneath. The treatment has three components. The Diamond-tip wands exfoliate your skin, and water jets will help cleanse pores and hydrate your skin, giving you a nice glow.

The hydra-dermabrasion handles are used once again this stage in a Hydra-dermabrasion Facial to inject into your skin a customized antioxidant- and collagen-rich serum designed to encourage moisture and elasticity. Exfoliating and providing moisture simultaneously, a hydra dermabrasion machine is capable of removing foreign matter from the skins and hairs follicles, can efficiently eliminate keratinocytes accumulation and ageing, efficiently remove the funneled departments (hair shaft holes) and the pores from healthy skin without impact. The hydro dermabrasion machines skin scraper vibrates 25,000 times a second, it can immediately disassemble the blackhead, whitehead, pimples, and pimples, and can peel off cuticles and excrete from skin. The gentle suction will encourage circulation and collagen production. The water will be delivered to skin by a supersonic sprayer attached to hydro dermabrasion machine.



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