Is EMSCULPT worth it?

EMSCULPT body sculpting machine

EMSCULPT is the first non-invasive procedure to build muscles while burning fat at the same time, creating a more sculpted look. EMSCULPT is an innovative body contouring treatment that builds muscle and burns fat through electromagnetic pulses. Emsculpt is a FDA-approved, non-invasive body contouring procedure that helps you build muscle while burning fat.

The FDA-approved Emsculpt machine uses non-invasive High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to cause 20,000supramaximal muscle contractions over a 30-minute period, which creators compared to doing 20,000 crunches (about 19,995 more than you would do in your entire life). While the EmSculpt stimulates muscles using HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology), creating an intense effect similar to doing thousands of crunches or squats in 30 minutes, EMSculpt Neo builds upon this tradition, adding fat-burning radiofrequency energy to muscle-tuning HIFEM for a 2 x 1 muscle-tuning in a 30-minute session, more than I would do in my life). A noninvasive body contouring procedure, EmSculpt is the first treatment to simultaneously size up existing muscles and create new muscle fibers with high-intensity focused electro-magnetic therapy.

EMSculpt Neo is the first-of-its-kind, two-in-one treatment for fat loss and muscle building, which delivers remarkable results in a few short sessions. Emsculpt Neo is capable of offering better results in both muscle building and fat loss, and has been clinically proven to be able to lower body fat more efficiently than fat freezing treatments such as CoolSculpting. Unlike treatments such as liposuction, which requires anesthesia, results in bruising, and requires weeks of recovery, EmSculpt Neo is a treatment that offers results with an average of 25% more lean mass and 30% less body fat. With its heritage from the original Emsculpt device, EMsculpt Neo is two treatments in one, appealing to patients looking for greater fat loss and muscle gain in less time and for less money.

At Aristocrat, we offer the Emsculpt Neo treatment because Emsculpt Neo has the benefits of the older model (muscle growth) while helping with fat reduction. Just like other muscle-building and fat-reducing treatments, these two treatments are not appropriate for, nor intended to, lose weight. EmSculpt can provide fat loss too, whereas EmSculpt works on increasing your muscle tone, and is therefore the best of both worlds.

A new procedure called EmSculptNeo melts away fat and increases muscle, according to San Francisco-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Usha Rajagopal. It produces supramaximal contractions of 24,000, as well as using radio frequency energy to boost blood flow to muscle tissue to improve volume, and breaking down fat cells by heating up the layer of fat. Emsculpt delivers pulses of High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM) into your muscle tissues, creating supramaximal muscle contractions, activating more muscle fibers than what you would get with regular exercise.

EmSculpts electromagnetic technology then causes supramaximal contractions, which can feel like doing crunches or lunges, depending on placement. During the treatment, the EmSculpt machine simulates the motion of your own body, forcing muscles in the target region to contract, much as you would when doing crunches, seated rows, or squats. Best of all, Emsculpt causes the equivalent of 20,000 crunches or squats during one 30 minute treatment, which is non-surgical and pain-free.

Emsculpt tightens, tones, and strengthens the largest muscle groups in your stomach and glutes, and smaller body areas, including your upper arms, hips, and calves. Similar to abdominal treatments, EmSculpt for the butt has grown extremely popular with patients looking to tighten, smooth, and elevate that region of the body. Many patients prefer to schedule sessions in which both their belly and butt are targeted on the same day, and some choose to get EmSculpt treatments rather than a more invasive Brazilian Buttlift.

Doctors generally advise patients who decide to use EmSculpt for tone and contouring to do so in a series of between 2 and 4 sessions, which occur between 2-3 days apart, in order to get the best results. Many orthopedic surgeons and dermatologists offer Emsculpt in their offices, which can help patients get stronger, tighter, higher-butts in two weeks, though these muscles may need several months to grow. Most body-sculpting treatments are designed to remove fat or tighten skin with lasers or ultrasound, but Emsculpts singular goal is to firm up a specific region--the abs, at this point, or the glutes--by increasing muscle mass.

Noninvasive body contouring treatments such as EMSCULPT are a popular option for men and women of all ages who want to appear more toned and well-fitted in certain areas. It is a new aesthetic treatment that is revolutionizing the body contouring industry, giving healthy men and women the ability to skip a surgical procedure and avoid the long recovery time. EMSCULPT -- the first and only noninvasive body contouring procedure to target both muscles and fat -- has revolutionized the cosmetics industry globally since it launched last year, earning accolades from leading doctors as a breakthrough in body contouring. Emsculpt is known for its dramatic muscle-toned, fat-burning properties - and, thanks to the non-invasive procedure, there is no recovery time afterward.

Using proprietary HIFEM technology protected by a number of U.S. and international patents, with many more in development, EMSCULPT brings a completely new aesthetics technique that goes beyond slimming your waistline and eliminating fat cells, and also builds stronger muscles.

Pregnant women are discouraged from receiving the EMSculpt Neo treatment, but postpartum women may benefit from a fat-melting effect to lose their baby weight and tighten muscle tone. EMSculpt Neo can be used for pelvic floor toning, helping post-partum women and older women to strengthen the pelvic floor, which contributes to a healthy reproductive system.