What Are the Advantages of Pressotherapy Machine?

Compression therapy is a pneumatic compression system specially designed for the effective treatment of various diseases of the lymphatic and circulatory system. Compression therapy, the term used to describe overt lymphatic drainage, is a type of compression therapy performed using a lymphatic drainage device or a compression therapy machine that is similar in effect to manual lymphatic drainage. 

Pressotherapy is similar to lymphatic drainage massage, but while the massage is performed manually, pressotherapy is performed using a machine that applies the right pressure each time. Pressotherapy is a medical and aesthetic procedure that promotes lymphatic drainage by applying air pressure to various parts of the body.     

Manual lymphatic drainage uses special gripping and massaging techniques in which the lymph nodes are gently massaged to release excess fluid into the tissue and stimulate lymphatic flow. There is some evidence that lymphatic drainage massage, such as pressure therapy, can reduce the appearance of cellulite and release fluid in the lymph nodes that can build up after surgery or after some cancer treatments. If the lymphatic system is affected, the body cannot remove this fluid, so in these cases, pressotherapy can be useful to realize this important function of the body. Lymphatic drainage restores metabolic processes in cellular tissues, promotes weight loss, relieves swelling and restores fluid balance, eliminates skin flabbiness and cellulite, improves blood circulation and body defenses.    

Pressotherapy is an exclusive detox treatment that, thanks to effective lymphatic drainage, helps to stimulate the body's natural detoxifying functions. The purpose of pressotherapy is to promote the transport of fluids within the body, normalizing venous circulation, eliminating lymph stagnation and thereby preventing its conditions. In practice, pressotherapy replaces or supports the natural flow associated with venous or lymphatic problems, or both. Increasingly used in various beauty centers and physiotherapy centers, pressotherapy devices perform a very effective treatment that facilitates the movement of body fluids, counteracting the blockage of the lymphatic vessels and restoring normal venous circulation. 

The pressotherapy apparatus perfectly helps in increasing the flow of oxygen into the body, restoring body tissues and the immune system. Pressotherapy is effective not only for the treatment of skin rashes, as mistakenly believed. For the treatment of cellulite, pressotherapy is highly recommended as a safe alternative to liposuction.     

Pressotherapy is the best adjunct to liposuction as it prepares the body for the operation and promotes recovery after it. It is a great relaxing alternative to liposuction and can be combined with vacuum therapy for exceptional results.  

The idea of ​​air pressure massage works so quickly on the skin, reducing cellulite quickly and safely. The body is covered with a special suit, and air is supplied at different pressures, due to which human fluids naturally contract.

Pressotherapy devices are equipped with a central control unit that blows air into the accessories that form a suit that covers the patient's body. Pressotherapy equipment includes a central unit with a compressor, the task of which will be to pump air through different tubes to different cells of each specific accessory.    

Pressotherapy is carried out using a device that performs intermittent and sequential inflation of accessories (applicators) surrounding the treated parts of the body. Use a compressed air machine to inflate the suit, which compresses the arms, legs, or stomach with rhythmic massaging movements. Pressotherapy is a therapeutic method used in medicine to provide a compression effect on the lower and upper limbs, similar to massage movements.   

Currently, doctors consider it extremely important in the treatment and maintenance of certain diseases that affect the venous and lymphatic systems. Compression therapy is also used for conditions that affect the lymphatic system, called lymphedema, one of the most well-known.  

By alternating compression and decompression, compression therapy effectively stimulates the lymphatic system. Compression therapy treatment positively affects metabolic processes, normalizes blood flow rate, improves venous blood outflow, replenishes intracellular and intercellular water supply. Compression therapy can also stimulate the immune system, strengthen defenses against pathogens, and may also help lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. Compression therapy can also help with digestive problems; when the treatment is applied to the abdomen, it stimulates intestinal transit and relieves constipation problems.     

Pressotherapy is one of the most used and well-known procedures in modern cosmetology. Without going too far into the science, it is important to remember that the correct use of pressure therapy with professional medical devices provides a number of benefits. Another great benefit of a home pressotherapy machine is that it can be used to greatly improve overall health.    

Most clients do not have beauty and health problems, but they want to receive this type of treatment, because this pressotherapy device improves the condition and well-being of the body. How a pressotherapy machine works Pressotherapy is usually done at spas or wellness centers, which may also offer facials, waxing, or massages. Zemits Sisley Body Contouring System is a professional pressure therapy device designed for lymphatic drainage and dynamic air compression treatments.