What Can 650nm Diode laser Hair Growth Machine Do?

Dioide laser hair growth Machine is a natural treatment for hair loss, proven to be safe and effective in a number of peer-reviewed clinical studies, with plenty of satisfied users to support. Backed by a solid foundation of peer-reviewed clinical studies, Red Light Therapy has increased hair volume, hair density, and hair thickness in both men and women.

Quantitative analyses have shown significant increases in hair density in individuals treated with red light therapy. Results from the randomized, double-blind, controlled by a sham device, multicentre study showed a significant increased average terminal hair density for 110 men with Norwood-Hamilton Class IIIA-V androgenic alopecia, when compared to subjects from sham-device groups, after 26 weeks of treatment with the laser light comb. Overall, results indicated that Low- level laser treatment (LLLT) at an 830nm wavelength induced greater stimulation of hair growth compared to the other wavelengths examined, and the 785nm also showed significant effects on hair growth. LLLT (low-level laser therapy) with pulsed light has proven more effective at treating hair loss compared with continuous exposure to lasers. 

Laser therapies used to treat hair loss are dependent on devices which produce a light which can penetrate into the scalp. Laser therapy uses diode energies exposed to the cells mitochondria, stimulating the growth of hair cells and helping reverse the effects of miniaturization. Low-level laser therapy is thought to increase blood flow in the scalp and stimulate the metabolism in either the catagenic or the telogenic hair follicles, leading to anagen hair growth.

At HT & RC, Dr. Gray uses low-level laser therapy to overcome the effects of DHT, promote hair growth, and enhance the effects of surgical procedures on good candidates. KMSLASER Hair Laser uses Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair follicles, which allows hair follicles to heal and regrow to full, normal-sized hair. The KMSLASER Hair Laser uses 100% laser power, using a collection of 650nm wavelength red laser diodes. Red laser light has been clinically proven to have healing effects on human tissues and hair follicles.

By increasing cell activity and removing harmful DHT, laser light helps the follicles heal and regrow normal, healthy hair. Laser therapy is a 100% safe, painless treatment that prolongs your hairs growth cycle, keeping the follicles from entering a resting stage where they cease to grow. When applied to follicles that are still growing, or have been transplanted from a region that is not affected by hair loss, laser therapy jump-starts the growth cycle, accelerating cell divisions and increasing hair shaft thickness. If your hair has begun to thin, laser therapy can help prevent further loss and encourage new growth.

European studies show laser hair therapy stops hair loss in 85% of cases and spurs new hair growth in 55%. Laser hair therapy is a non-chemical, non-invasive treatment commonly used to treat hair loss. Laser hair therapy has achieved hair growth and delayed hair loss progression for thousands of women since it is inception, and has proven to foster healing and enhance scalp health.

Low-level laser therapy is used to treat the genetic form of hair loss that is prevalent among men and women, androgenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness.

Red Light Therapy is a safe, effective, and natural treatment for hair loss, proven to work in both mens and womens patterns of baldness, as shown by multiple studies. In study after study, red light treatments increased hair volume, increased hair thickness, and helped individuals improve their looks and confidence levels. Researchers have recommended using both red light therapy and topical ointments to accelerate hair growth. Temporary increases in hair fall were also reported from another clinical trial using 655-nm laser hairbrushes.

Hair growth increased in subjects using laser therapy by 19 regular-sized hairs per square centimeter, on average, whereas it decreased by an average of 7 regular-sized hairs per square centimeter in subjects using the placebo device. The initial Mester trial used the 694-nm ruby laser for its initial results in hair growth with the PBM treatment. In 1966, Hungarian doctor Endre Mester published an experiment where he observed hair growth being accelerated in rats treated with a type of laser therapy that involves exposure of cells or tissues to low levels of red and near-infrared (NIR) light. In the present study, we aim to explore wavelength-dependent effects of hair growth in a shaven back of Sprague-Dawley rats using laser diodes at 632, 670, 785, and 830nm.

We will begin at an earlier time, when serendipitous studies found laser power induced unexpected hair growth on the side-on areas (paradoxical hypertrichosis), and move to the modern, carefully controlled, clinical trials with the application of red light therapy. With regard to hair-growth technologies, many variables still exist regarding the best way to deliver penetrating light based on skin type, the appropriate level of irradiance to maximize hair growth, the potential synergy gained from mixing colors, and what wavelengths of light yield best results in conjunction with other therapies. In fact, given LEDs improved capabilities, some newer hair growth devices have begun incorporating LEDs for increased coverage and increased convenience, and have claimed better results compared with laser-only devices. There are studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of various PBM devices for treating hair loss, including combs that have 650nm or 655nm laser diodes, as well as helmets that combine 650nm or 655nm laser diodes with LEDs.

KMSLASER laser diodes utilize a wide-open beam for maximum coverage, maintaining a high energy level to penetrate skin and get to hair follicles. By treating directly at the base of the hair follicle, the KMSLASER cold laser technology assures the follicle is stimulated, producing cell energy which allows for healing in the follicle. KMSLASER Hair Lasers can also be used in conjunction with PRP hair infusions, either with or without the ACell, for enhanced results.


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