Emsculpt is a non-invasive body contouring technology using electromagnetic technology to create muscle tone, all the while cutting body fat. Emsculpt is designed to help you build new muscle fibers as well as tone existing ones to get sculpted muscles. Emsculpt contracts muscles past the point of voluntary exertion, producing improved muscle tone and enhanced fat loss.    

While Emsculpt may improve muscle tone for any type of body, fat loss may be moderate at times. No fat cells are directly destroyed with Emsculpt, though some patients report slight reductions in fat as a side effect to treatment. According to authors and aesthetic dermatologists, studies on Emsculpt have shown increases of between 15% to 20% in lean tissue and reduced body fat within treated areas following treatment. Adriana Martino reports that after an Emsculpt procedure, one can expect to see 16 % increase in muscle hypertrophy and a 19% decrease in body fat.

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Following the post-treatment workout routine keeps your muscles built with Emsculpt intact for years. The muscle mass created with the EMSCULPT(r) treatment is likely to remain at a level of about six months, longer, as long as patients maintain the strength and conditioning exercises that create the muscles. 

These intense contractions produce highly efficient metabolic reactions, burning fat and building more muscle for each EMSCULPT session. EMSCULPT is an innovative body contouring treatment that builds muscle and burns fat through electromagnetic pulses.    

It is the first non-invasive procedure to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat for a more sculpted look. EMSCULPT is a new aesthetic procedure that is a breakthrough in body contouring, giving healthy men and women the ability to skip a surgical procedure and avoid the long recovery time. EMSCULPT  treatment sessions start from PS495, making this an extremely affordable treatment that can help you shed body fat and build muscle.    

EMSCULPT uses a number of different muscle contraction patterns throughout the treatment, stimulating the muscles beyond what you would achieve through personal training through weights alone. While EMSCULPT may assist in reducing body fat, it is unique among body-sculpting procedures because it works mostly by stimulating muscles.  

Coolsculpting is used to target hard-to-trim body fat, whereas Emsculpt is used to build and tone muscles. EMSculpt is ideal for anyone looking to build up muscle, as well as reap the benefits of reduced body fat. While CoolSculpting is capable of building muscle and burning fat simultaneously, it is able to do this in just the following FDA-approved areas because of the unique shape of its applicator.  

EMSculpt is the first and only noninvasive procedure in the world that can build muscle, burn unwanted body fat, and contour your abdominals and glutes simultaneously. Emsculpt is a FDA-approved, non-invasive, electro magnetic procedure that claims to remove fat cells and tighten muscles in your abs and buttocks.  

EMSCULPT is a groundbreaking new body contouring procedure that can tighten and tone without surgery. EMsculpt NEO is a new FDA-approved treatment that is used to non-invasively reduce abdominal lipolysis (fat break down) and reduce abdominal circumference for all types of skin. EMSCULPT NEO is also cleared to improve abdominal tone, strengthen stomach muscles, and develop firmer abs.    

EMSCULPT NEO may assist both women and men to reduce excess body fat at the same time, while achieving stronger, toned muscles in the target areas of the body. While results for individuals will vary, EMSCULPT NEO has been shown to decrease target body fat in as many as 30% of patients, and improve lean body mass by 25%, following a treatment series. For many individuals, EMSCULPT NEO is capable of accomplishing in one treatment session what high-intensity training just cannot. EMSCULPT is a powerful way to clearly decrease body fat up to 15%, as well as increase lean body mass by up to 16%.   

By building muscle and decreasing unwanted body fat simultaneously, patients who opt for EMSCULPT may experience a significantly more defined abdominal area. When you combine these focused treatments together, you are able to contour your body much more strategically. Patients can achieve trimmer, leaner bodies without having to take on intense workout regimens or restrictive diets using EMSculpt.    

If you have a number of areas throughout your body that benefit from both fat reduction and muscular enhancement, using either technique could pay big dividends. Patients who have clumping extra body fat around the six-pack or calves muscles, for instance, are most likely to benefit from CoolSculpting.    

If you have even moderate amounts of fat piled on top of your muscles, you cannot appreciate the results of Emsculpt in its entirety. A 15% burn in fat is more a residual effect from what Emsculpt does to the muscles.    

Emsculpt is said to cause a visible improvement in muscle tone, comparable to that which you would expect from working out for months, in approximately four weeks of final treatment.

Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to cause supramaximal, involuntary contractions in muscles within the treated area. Emsculpt devices employ high-intensity focused electromagnetic fields (HIFEM) over a target area, forcing muscles to rapidly and repeatedly contract. Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic fields (HIFEM) technology, patented EMsculpt devices cause contractions to occur at a fast rate, without allowing target muscles to relax. By using high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, Emsculpt stimulates muscles deep and intensively, to allow the achievement of physical fitness goals which would be out of reach otherwise, says Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, an author and aesthetic dermatologist.

While the response can differ for each person depending on many factors, including lifestyle and body fat composition, high rates of satisfaction indicate Emsculpt is capable of satisfying a broad spectrum of individuals.