What Is Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage?

Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage is an advanced form of lymphatic drainage massage.It is a non-invasive treatment which  uses set pressures to compress different  areas  of  the  body  in  order  to  stimulate  the  flow  of  body  fluids  and improve the lymphatic  system .  This  type  of   massage  has  numerous  fitness  benefits, such as improving circulation  and strengthening the immune  system.It works by compressing specific  par ts of the body,in order to  create    a  pressure wave that opens up a network of  channels  in order to accelerate  drainage  and  improve  overall   health . This  type of massage is sometimes  referred  to  as  Compression   Therapy  or  Pressotherapy  because  it  uses  pressurized airbags around  certain parts of your body which help with lymphatic  drainage.

This  helps  to  stimulate  the  circulation of lymph fluid around your body and helps the lymphatic system clear out toxins. It is a  beauty  treatment  that  is widely used in spas and clinics, as  it  can  improve poor circulation and  help  with  decompression. Manual  Lymphatic  Drainage  ( MLD )  is  an  important  part  of   treatments  like Pressotherapy, as it helps  to move  stagnant  lymph fluids which are responsible for swelling, pain  and  fatigue. The  air  pressure produced by pressotherapy will help to stimulate blood circulation in the affected area and reduce swelling .  This  type  of massage is a great way to relaxyour body while improving blood flow  and  helping you clear out toxins.

Pressotherapy lymphatic  drainage  massage  is  a massage-like pressotherapy that  combines  pressure  massage  with  specific  movements  to  stimulate  the lymphatic system. This physiotherapeutic treatment helps to improve the  body’s natural ability to  release  fluid  and  toxins  that  are  essential  for  an  improved health and wellbeing. It can also be beneficial in certain  cancer  treatments  and after surgery,as it helps to restore proper flow of lymph throughout the body. The massage focuses on compressing various areas of the body, such  as  the lower extremities, abdomen, chest area, arms and neck in  order  to  stimulate  excess fluids into draining via your lymph nodes.

This  exclusive  detoxifying  treatment  is  amazing  and  helps  to naturally clear toxins  from  your  body .  It  is  an effective way of stimulating the lymph system, helping  it  to clear out any excess fluids or toxins that have been built up in your body. This simple procedure can help to keep your  body  in  great  condition  by clearing  out  its  natural  toxins  and  promoting  a  healthy   lymphatic   system . Pressotherapy is a great detoxifying massage for those looking for an easy  way to cleanse their bodies of unwanted substances.

It is a body sculpting treatment that uses an effective lymphatic drainage system and  presses  to  help  remove  toxins  that  build  up in the body. Presses called gradient   modulation   work   by   providing   automatic   pressure   through   a compression  system  that  helps  break  down any varicose veins and improves circulation .  This  air  pressure  massage  is  also  available  in   Stimulates   the lymphatic system for further detoxification. During  this  rhythmic  movement ,  it can help reduce swelling and discomfort in the legs  and  feet due  to  increased circulation and flushing away fluid that can cause intestinal problems. Controlled use of compression throughout the massage while focusing on specific areas of need to ensure maximum results. Compression therapy is growing in popularity as  an  alternative  treatment  for  those  seeking  body  sculpting  treatments  or simply looking for an effective way to detox their body.

This  is  a  relaxing  massage  therapy  that  helps  improve  lymphatic  flow  and stimulates  the  deep  lymphatic  network.  This  improves  the  efficiency  of  the lymphatic system, which helps flush ou t toxins  and  reduces  inflammation. The compression therapy machine used in this therapy stimulates  circulation  in  the body by using compression waves, or  air  pressure,  to  reduce  pressure .  This type of lymphatic  massage  is  an  effective  slimming  and  toning  therapy  that helps stimulate the body's natural functions. The pressure therapy machine  has 24 pressure chambers and systems that  help  increase  circulation  in  the  legs, arms,  abdomen  and  back.  The  compression  mechanism  helps  to  increase venous return, which helps  remove  toxins  from  the  body .  It  also  stimulates lymphatic drainage, which helps reduce swelling and  inflammation.  Tones  and elasticity, while reducing cellulite deposits in affected areas.

Pressotherapy  is a revolutionary process that has its origin in physiotherapeutic treatments.  In  a  pressotherapy  session, the body is compressed using special equipment  to  work  on  the  bodys  natural  functions  and  stimulate   lymphatic drainage .  This  technique  gives  the  patient  a beginning base for  more  body shaping treatments, such as body contouring packages and vascular treatments . During the pressotherapy session, pressure is applied to different areas  of  the body that helps increase circulation  and improve oxygenation of cells in order to help with reducing water retention.The pressotherapy system helps treat several medical conditions while promoting overall health.

Pressotherapy  is  a  medica l practice  that   uses   alternating   air   pressure to stimulate  lymphatic  flow,  which  helps reduce swelling and improve the body's natural responses.  A  normal  compression  therapy  treatment  consists   of   8 alternating  compression  sessions   designed  to  ensure  safe  application  of compression therapy and reduce discomfort. This amazing remedy can be used for bone disorders, possible  blood  clotting ,  and  other  medical  practices. Combined with active pressure therapy lymphatic massage, it  can  improve blood circulation and relieve various diseases or conditions. This process helps increase the flow of lymph throughout the body, which can help reduce swelling and fatigue caused by excess fluid or toxins. It also helps promote better overall health by boosting immunity and promoting healthy skin cell regeneration. As a supplemental benefit, compression therapy can also aid in weight loss because it increases metabolism and burns fat cells faster than regular exercise alone.

Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage massage is  a  massage - like  pressotherapy that combines  press  ure  massage  with  specific movements  to  stimulate  the lymphatic  system .  This  physiothe  r  apeutic  treatment  helps  to  improve the body ’ s  natural  ability  to  release  fluid  and  toxins  that  are  essential  for  an improved health  and  wellbeing .  It  can  also  be  beneficial  in  certain  cancer treatments  and  after  surgery  ,  as  it  helps  to  restore  proper  flow  of  lymph throughout the body. The massage focuses on compressing various areas of the body,  such  as  the  lower  extremities,  abdomen, chest area, arms and neck in order to stimulate excess fluids into draining via your lymph nodes.

Compression  therapy  is a  form  of  lymphatic  massage  that  is  also  used by massage  therapists  for  cosmetic  purposes  to  improve overall health. It uses compression  technology  to  help  stimulate  the  body ' s immune  system and promote  proper  circulation  of  bodily  fluids  throughout  the  body.  This helps reduce constipation problems, lowers blood pressure, improves digestive issues and flushes out excess fluid from the body. It can also help flush out metabolic waste more effectively, resulting in an overall younger appearance. In addition to helping  with  these  aesthetic  concerns ,  compression  therapy  can  also  help improve a person's overall health as it helps remove toxins  from  the  body  and improves  blood  circulation.  It's  a  customizable  lymphatic  drainage  massage therapy that uses an innovative pressure therapy system to detoxify the body. It works by enhancing the body's natural  detoxification  process,  stimulating  and promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body.  This  helps  naturally flush out toxins from tissues and  organs and reduces inflammation.  Not  only does it help improve blood circulation, but it also helps flush out toxins from the body, thereby improving health.

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