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In addition, you can read our Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time to obtain more information about how KMSLASER collects, stores and protects your information when using the service. Our privacy and cookie policy has been incorporated by reference into the terms and conditions of this article, as if fully explained here.

1. Use our service


To shop with us, you must be at least 16 years old. Any access, browsing or other use of the service means that you agree to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. If you do not agree to any part of these terms, you should immediately stop accessing or using the service. Please read this agreement carefully before proceeding.
If you have any questions about these terms and conditions or our privacy and cookie policy, you can contact us at any time through our customer service platform.


We reserve the right to modify the terms of use (including privacy and cookie policies) at any time at our sole discretion. If we modify the important terms of this agreement, the modification will take effect after we send you a notice of the modified agreement. Such notifications will be at our sole discretion, and the method of notification may include (for example) via email, notifications posted on websites or applications, or other methods, etc.
If you do not stop using the service after receiving the notice of modification, it means that you accept the modified terms.


Unless permitted by the above paragraph, you may not copy, distribute, display, sell, lease, transmit, or translate, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or otherwise utilize the service or any part of the service. For derivative works, unless express permission from KMSLASER is obtained in advance, you may not use any information provided on the service for any commercial purpose, or use the service for the benefit of other businesses. KMSLASER reserves the right to refuse to provide services, terminate accounts or cancel orders at its discretion, including but not limited to the right that we believe that customer behavior violates applicable laws or harms our interests.

You may not upload, distribute or otherwise publish any content, information or other materials to this service through the following services: (a) Infringement or infringement of anyone's copyright, patent, trademark, service mark, trade secret or other exclusive rights; (B) Is defamatory, threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, pornographic or may cause any civil or criminal liability under local or international law; (c) Including any malicious or technically harmful errors, logic bombs, viruses, Worms, trapdoors, Trojan horses or other codes, materials or characteristics. KMSLASER may assign you a password and account identification to enable you to access and use certain parts of the service.


In order to access certain features available on the service, you will have to create an account. You may not use another person’s account. Every time you use a password or logo, it will be deemed that you are authorized to access and use the website or application in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of this agreement, and KMSLASER has no obligation to investigate any authorization to access or use the service Or source.
If anyone uses the password and logo originally assigned to you to access and use the service, you will be solely responsible for it, regardless of whether you have actually authorized others to access and use this website, including but not limited to all communications and transmissions and through this All obligations arising from such access or use (including but not limited to financial obligations). You are solely responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of the password and logo assigned to you. Any unauthorized use of your password or identity certificate, or any other violation or threat to violate the security of this website or application, you should immediately notify KMSLASER.

We may restrict access to some or all parts of the service from time to time, including services for uploading documents, making payments or sending messages.

We can decide to terminate your access to the service at any time without any reason or notice, or we believe that you have violated these terms. You can terminate your account at any time by following any such instructions on the website or app or contacting us as described in the "Contact Us" section below for any reason.

2. Customs

According to customs laws, customers must provide valid, true and accurate information. All consignee's name, address and payer's name should be valid. Some countries/regions require the consignee to submit their ID or passport to ship the package or use it for payment verification. This is the sole responsibility of the customer for the accuracy of the data provided to us. If any information is incorrect and prevents any transportation, delivery or customs clearance, in this case, we will not take any responsibility and will not provide any compensation. As an importer, customers are responsible for complying with all laws and regulations in their own country. Please refer to our privacy and cookie policy for more information.

3. Privacy and Cookie Policy

When you use our services and place orders through them, you agree to provide us with your email address, postal address and/or other contact information truthfully and accurately. If necessary, you also agree that we may use this information to contact you to contact you.
We respect your privacy. To learn how we collect and use your personal information, including how to unsubscribe from our non-transactional communications, please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

4. Error

If you find an error in entering your personal information during registration for our service, you can modify it in the "My Account" section. In any case, you can correct errors related to the personal data provided during the purchase process by contacting us, and exercise the right of correction as stipulated in our privacy and cookie policy through our website and applications. If the information in these sections is not provided correctly, "Service" will display "Confirm" buttons in each part of the purchase process, and these buttons do not allow the order to continue.

If you find an error in the order after the payment process is complete, you should immediately contact our customer service or the email address above to correct the error.

Although KMSLASER strives to provide accurate product and price information, there may be price or printing errors. After ordering, KMSLASER can confirm the price of the goods. If a product is listed at an incorrect price or incorrect information is provided due to incorrect price or product information, KMSLASER has the right to reject or cancel any order for the product at its sole discretion. If the product is priced incorrectly, we may contact you at our discretion to obtain instructions or cancel your order, and notify you of the cancellation decision.

5. Trading rules


The price shown on KMSLASER is shown in U.S. dollars and does not include delivery. In addition to the product price, the delivery cost will be clearly displayed and invoiced at the end of the order. We reserve the right to modify the price at any time, but this will be indicated on the order when you place the order. If an obviously incorrect price appears on our website and it is not corrected in your total price when the order is completed, for whatever reason (human error, technical error, etc.), your order will be cancelled and returned to you , Even though it has been initially verified.

To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, your credit card details will be encrypted. After receiving your order, we will ask your credit card for pre-authorization to ensure that there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction. The fee on the card will be charged when your order leaves our warehouse.

When you click "Authorize Payment", you confirm that the credit card is yours. The credit card must be verified and authorized by the card issuer. If the credit card institution does not authorize the payment, we will not be responsible for any delay or failure to pay, and we will not be able to sign any contract with you.


We have made every effort to display the product colors that appear on the page as accurately as possible. However, since the actual color you see will depend on the monitor, we cannot guarantee that the display of any color on the monitor will be accurate. Unless otherwise specified, we will only comply with the minimum packaging standards for the selected shipping method. All special packaging, loading or support costs you require will be paid by you.


Your order will be delivered to the address specified when you placed the order. Products purchased on KMSLASER will be delivered to an address worldwide.

KMSLASER makes every effort to respect the delivery time shown on the website. However, we are not responsible for the consequences of delayed delivery or loss of packages caused by the third party contracted for delivery or you, or due to some unforeseen events or natural disasters. If you do not receive the package, the carrier will conduct an investigation, which may take a few days to receive your claim. During this investigation, no refunds or re-delivery will occur.


KMSLASER allows you to return the product you are not satisfied with within 30 days. Your right of return is effective from the date of delivery of your order. You can return the product to us within this time frame, at your own expense, and attach your invoice and the completed and signed return coupon.

We ask you to send the goods to us by registered mail, and ask you to purchase insurance for the value of the goods from the carrier. This is necessary if they lose or damage the goods. Shipping costs are still the customer's responsibility. The current right of return only applies to products returned in original and complete condition. Any product that has been damaged, is not in the original packaging, or the packaging has worn out, will not be refunded only after the product is opened. The above deadline is effective from the date of receipt of the order.


KMSLASER currently provides a way to pay for orders, namely PayPal. These payment options use advanced SSL encryption to ensure the security of your transactions and will not cost you any usage fees (KMSLASER charges fees as a seller, and you do not need to charge fees as a buyer), so you do not need to pay any additional fees for the order. You don’t need to have an account at these merchants to use these payment methods. Please refer to PayPal for the complete terms and conditions of use.

6. Intellectual Property and Ownership

All content (illustrations, text, names, brand names, images and videos) on the KMSLASER website are the property of KMSLASER. Any partial or complete reproduction of this content, in any way and any support, must be expressly authorized by KMSLASER in advance. All information, content and documents are protected by international laws regarding intellectual property and copyright.

Without the prior written consent of KMSLASER, the content on this service is for your reference only, and you may not download, copy, copy, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license or otherwise use it for any other purpose . We reserve all rights to content not expressly granted. Disable or otherwise interfere with the security-related functions of the website, or prevent or restrict the use or copying of any content, or impose restrictions on the use of the website or its content.

KMSLASER cannot grant you the right to copy, display or distribute content for which you do not own intellectual property rights. All fraudulent use that violates the rights of third parties constitutes the crime of forgery and will be severely punished under the Intellectual Property Law.

If the user infringes the rights of a third party through its activities on the website, KMSLASER will not be liable under any circumstances.

7. Third-party links and resources

Our websites and applications may contain links to third-party websites that are not owned or controlled by us.
We have no control over the content, privacy policy or behavior of any third-party site or service, nor assume any responsibility, nor endorse or verify these content, privacy policy or behavior. We do not make any guarantees or representations regarding the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any content posted on this website or our apps by anyone other than us. We strongly recommend that you read all third-party terms and conditions and privacy policies.

8. Events beyond our control

We will not be liable for any non-compliance or delay in fulfilling any of our obligations under these terms or other contracts due to events beyond our reasonable control ("force majeure"). Force majeure shall include any behavior, incident, non-exercise, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control, including:

Strikes, work stoppages or other forms of protest.
Riot, uprising, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (declared or undeclared) or threat or preparation for war.
Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, collapse, epidemic or any other natural disaster.
It is not possible to use trains, ships, airplanes, motor vehicles or other public or private vehicles.
Unable to use public or private telecommunications systems.
Any act, decree, legislation, regulation or restriction of any government or public agency.
Strikes, breakdowns or accidents in maritime or inland water transportation, postal transportation or any other type of transportation.

It should be understood that during the period when the force majeure is still in effect, we will suspend the obligations derived from this clause or other contracts, and we will be extended the time limit for fulfilling these obligations, which is equal to the duration of the force majeure situation. We will provide all reasonable resources to terminate the force majeure situation or find a solution so that we can perform our obligations through clauses or other contracts in the event of force majeure.


KMSLASER's failure to exercise or enforce any rights or provisions of the terms of service does not constitute a waiver of such rights or provisions. The terms of service constitute the complete agreement between you and KMSLASER and govern your use of the service, superseding any previous agreement (including but not limited to any previous version of the terms of service). If any provision of these Terms of Service is deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable by a competent court for any reason, such provisions shall be cancelled or restricted to the minimum, so that the remaining provisions of these Terms of Service continue to be effective and give full play to effect.

9. Limitation of Liability

Please read this section carefully first, because it limits KMSLASER's liability to you.

(1) Using the services provided by KMSLASER means that you confirm that we provide services including sites and mobile applications on an "as is" and "available" basis, and do not provide any form of express or implied guarantee. Without limiting the above provisions, KMSLASER expressly denies any and all claims regarding the marketability, title, accuracy, completeness, error-free or error-free service, suitability for a specific purpose, enjoyment of tranquility, and any damage to you. All guarantees and conditions and use of transactions.

(2) We do not assume any responsibility for the following aspects, and expressly declare that we do not assume any responsibility: (1) Products, services, information, programs and/or services provided by third parties through you or any other things provided by you; or (2) The quality or behavior of any third party you encounter when using the service.

(3) You agree that KMSLASER will not be liable for any theory of liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. Without limiting the above provisions, you agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law, KMSLASER entities will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, sudden, secondary, special or special damage, loss of profit, business interruption, or damage to reputation. Or liability for damage. Data generated or generated in any way (even if it is foreseeable) due to your use or unavailability of the service.

(4) Your only remedy for dissatisfaction with this service is to stop using this service.

Some jurisdictions do not allow implied warranties or exclusions of liability for certain types of damages. Therefore, the above restrictions and exclusions may not apply to you in whole or in part.
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