Newest Master Green Light Slimming Machine Laser 532nm Body Slim 10D Laser Fat Burning Lipo Laser Machine

Plug Type: US Plug
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Product name
10D maxlipo master laser slim machine
Host screen
10.4 inch touch colour screen
Laser arm screen
7 inch touch colour screen
AC110V/220V 50-60Hz
Laser single head power
1-3 gears (adjustable)
Rotation speed
1-3 gears (adjustable)
532nm ±10nm
Treatment Area
About 30*800mm
Number of Treatment Heads
10 pieces
Before And After
1. Non-sensory fat reduction: Using green weak laser to irradiate specific areas in a targeted manner, fat reduction and shaping can be achieved without touching the skin, and there is no feeling during the treatment.
2. Overall circumference reduction and shaping: It can eliminate excess body fat in the abdomen, waist, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and neck, and reduce the circumference of the treated area.
3. Compared with other non-invasive therapies, this device has a better effect on reducing waist circumference.
4. Rich indications: It can not only reduce fat and shape, but also stimulate collagen regeneration and tighten skin.
5. No side effects and no recovery period: Glaser provides an easy, painless and non-invasive treatment. Due to the specific wavelength, the laser only affects the fat cell layer under the skin, while other cells such as skin and capillaries are affected. You will not suffer any damage in the process, and it is a safe and reliable way to lose fat. Exercise can be resumed immediately after treatment without affecting normal work and life. You can do it and leave immediately.
6. Ten high-power lasers can be turned on at the same time.
7. 360° rotation to scan fat areas without blind spots.
8. Curved double-wing folding design, wider coverage,
9. Dual-screen design, both screens support touch operations, making it convenient to control at work.
10. Electric lift, it’s suitable for beauty beds of different heights.
Glaser Slimming Device uses non-invasive Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) technology. Its principle is to emit green laser to the skin through the laser. The laser irradiation targets the subcutaneous fat layer, causing the cell membrane of the fat cells to form short-term pores, and then emulsifies the fat droplets. It flows into the intercellular substance through pores and is subsequently metabolized and excreted from the body through the human lymphatic system. The size of fat cells is reduced, achieving the effect of slimming and shaping. To put it simply, human fat cells are irradiated by weak laser and change from large molecules to small molecules to triglycerides, which are metabolized and excreted from the body.

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