10D Maxlipo Master Laser And EMS Cryo plate Weight Loss Machine

Plug Type: US Plug
Sale price$4,299.00


Fuse:                                        F3AL250V
Cooling System:                      Air cooling
Power:                                     1100W
G.W.:                                        66kg
Screen:                                    10.4 inch touch screen
Package Size:                          108cm*67cm*66cm
Cryo Pads:                               4pcs
EMS Pulse Width:                   200us
EMS Frequency:                      2-100Hz
Freezing Temperature:           -10 degree - 4 degree
Laser Mode:                            Continuous; Pulse
Treatment Area:                      About 30mm*800mm
Intensity:                                 Level 1-3 (adjustable)
Rotation Speed:                      Level 1-3 (adjustable)
Wavelength:                            532nm(Green Light)/635nm(Red Light)
Energy Output:                       1-200mW(Continuous);1-300mW(Pulse)

How Does 10D Maxlipo Master Laser Compare to Other Treatments?

10D Maxlipo Master Laser has a number of benefits that traditional
fat-reduction options don’ t. Unlike liposuction, a surgical procedure that
causes bruises, redness, and swelling, and weeks of downtime, the 10D
Maxlipo Master Laser is a cold fat removal treatment that causes no bruising
or swelling, no side effects, and has no downtime. lt uses low-level laser light
to penetrate the skin and break down fat. The treatment is non-invasive, with
no discomfort or pain, and none of the risks associated with a surgical
procedure such as liposuction.

Other popular noninvasive procedures use fat freezing to break down fat
generally involve more discomfort than laser fat removal treatments and in some
cases require 60-90 days post treatment to see optimal results.

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