3 in 1 body slimming vacuum roller massage weight loss skin rejuvenation slim body shape machine for spa

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Product Parameter
Product name
Portable Vacuum Roller Massage Vela Body Shape Machine
Model number
Vacuum roller
Handle quantity
3 PCS (Face vacuum handle+ Body vacuum roller+ M30 body roller)
Operating head
3 body roller heads+ 2 face vacuum heads
15-inch touch screen on the machine
2.8-inch touch screen on body handle
10-70 KPa
Vacuum energy level
10 levels
Roller speed
60-300 RPM
Package size
Package weight

Working Principle

It combines vacuum suction with mechanical rollers. Rolling, pumping, kneading, patting and bouncing are performed on the skin tissue to obtain deep massage and mechanical stimulation. This stimulation can be continuously penetrated into the connective tissue, adipose tissue, subcutaneous tissue, lymphatic circulatory system and blood circulatory system, thus promoting lymphatic circulation, excreting waste, and reducing fat accumulation.

Product Structure

Product Features

1. 3 body roller heads+2 face vacuum heads+M30 body roller—full-face full-body                comprehensive treatment
2. 2.8-inch touch screen on body roller handle—for easier and more convenient                    operation
3. Roller with bidirectional power system—wider contact surface with the skin, reaching      a larger and deeper treatment area.
4. Vacuum frequency converted control—safe and noninvasive with better effects.
5. Special shaping clothes—more accurately treat the skin and connective tissue to              achieve better firming and slimming effects, ensuring hygiene and privacy

Main Functions

Skin firming& anti-aging Reduce fine lines Double chin removal Eliminate puffiness Body shaping& cellulite reducing Body massage& muscle release Promote lymphatic detoxification

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