Exili Ultra 360 Machine Fat Reduction Skin Lifting Facial Protege Fat Knife Ultra 360 Body Contouring Anti-Wrinkle Equipment

Color: WHITE
Ships From: CHINA
Standard Voltage|Plug Type: 110V | UK
Sale price$2,000.00


360 Machine Fat Reduction Skin Lifting Facial Fat Knife 360 Body Contouring Anti-Wrinkle Equipment


Working theory Ultrasound +RF
Operation depth Subcutaneous fat layer
Operation temperature Surface ice, fat layer heat
Operation effect Non-invasive fat to eliminate, shaping the body,
tighten the skin and improve the skin
Operation time 4 times/Treatment
Certification CE
Item Type Massage & Relaxation
Mainland China


This machine combines powerful Radio Frequency with Acoustic Wave technology, to carefully and selectively treat the causes of cellulite. Among which, RF energy greatly promotes fat resolving, makes the fat cells resolve and  the  liquid  inject  into  lymph diversion system. Affected by heat, the ternary helical structure of collagen fibers will begin to disintegrate. Focused single-stage radio frequency can quickly and effectively break down collagen fibers, separate collagen tissue structure and stimulate to produce and reassemble new collagen fibers in the skin structure.


Incomparable advantage

1. Treatment is widelv proven body remodeling, firming skin and skin remodeling
2. The only RF and adjustable cooling technology are combined with the system.
3. Stand-alone RF studies verify that the energy can penetrate the depth of the deep-skinned target tissue.
4. Advanced cooling system can be adjusted to accurately penetrate the target tissue, and protect the skin from harm.
5. Energy Flow Control System (EFC) protects the body from skin burns at the highest level of treatment.
6.Precision RF treatment head continuously monitors skin target temperature and RF contact quality.
7.Comfortable treatment experience, based on a unique combination of radio frequency and advanced cooling systems

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