360 Vacuum Fat Freezing criolipolisis lymphatic drainage loss weight freeze Slimming Machine

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Product Parameter
Product name
protable weight loss criolipolisis lymphatic drainage vacuum cryo 360 slimming fat freezing machine cryolipolisis
Model number
JF697 / JF697B / JF697C
Fat freezing, Vacuum, Blue LED
Handle quantity
1pc / 2pcs / 3pcs
Handle size
17*10cm / 14*5cm / 8*4cm
220V / 50Hz or 110V / 50Hz
Vacuum pressure
Pump flow rate
Freezing temperature
-14℃ ~ 0℃
Cooling liquid
Distilled water
Host screen
8-inch TFT color touch screen
Package size

Working Principle

1. Cryo fat freezing: fats will be accurately targeted, converted into solid at low temperatures, then be eliminated through metabolism without harming surrounding tissues, thus it can effectively reduce unwanted fat in specific areas of body. 2. Vacuum: auxiliary for fat freezing treatment, with automatic suction and release to suck out fat meanwhile performing physical massage to dredge meridians and promote blood circulation. 3. Blue light: for skin sedation and skin rejuvenation.

Handle Introduction

1. 17*10cm big cryo handle —— For abdomen and waist
2. 14*5cm medium cryo handle —— For buttocks and legs
3. 8*4cm small cryo handle —— For double chin and arms

Product Features

1. 3 technologies —— fat freezing + vacuum + LED blue light.
2. 3 handles optional —— different sizes for treatment on different body parts.
3. Minimum -14℃ freezing —— -14℃ to 0℃ adjustable, -5℃ recommended.
4. Localized fat reducing —— on waist, abdomen, arms, thighs, etc.
5. Vacuum massage —— for lymphatic detox and promoting blood circulation.
6. Skin rejuvenation —— LED blue light calms and rejuvenates skin.
7. Dual screens —— host control panel + handle operation screen.
8. Adjustable suction —— for individual needs and tolerance.
9. Safe and painless —— non-invasive, no side effects.

Main Functions

Body slimming & shaping Lymphatic drainage & detox Skin sedation & rejuvenation Promoting metabolism & blood circulation

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