3D Roll-on Fat Burning Cream

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This cream can significantly reduce cellulite & stimulate faster burning of subcutaneous fat tissue, eliminating persistent fat masses and burning unwanted fat cells.  Users have reported this cream to be very effective!


  • Multi-Ball Head Massage Applicator to attack and disintegrate unwanted fat tissue, and ultimately, greatly reduce the appearance and your belly of the cellulite in areas of the hips, thighs, buttocks, etc. 

  • Moisturizing, easy to absorb, it has a good effect on slimming the waist, legs, arms and firming abdomen, nourishing the skin, making it smooth and tender, helping to create a beautiful and attractive body.

  • Block excess moisture and oil from the skin. Firms and relaxes skin, improves skin wrinkles, and creates a firm body.

  • Pure natural ingredients without any preservatives.  The pLang extracts formula is safe to use and suitable for all skin types.

  • If you think dieting and exercising are too painful and difficult, this slim cream can help you have the more attractive figure that you desire.  You’ll more easily achieve your best beach body look and gain the confidence to wear a bathing suit, shorts or sexy dress.

3D Roller Dr. Sugarm Fat Burning Cream and slim woman’s body with tape measure on waist
How to Use:

  1. After shower, apply a liberal amount to your desired area.
  2. Massage gently, allow the skin to absorb it.
  3. You'll feel the heat after 15 minutes, the effect of matching special clothes is better.
  4. Repeat twice a day, with continuous use for 2 to 3 months for best results.


How it does this cream helps to reduce cellulite?

The cream acts by intensely stimulating the burning of fatty cells, with a strong warming effect that actually removes fatty deposits.  This action reduces the visible signs of cellulite, such as uneven skin with bumps on the surface.  The cream also improves cell metabolism, increases energy production and improves micro-circulation.  Swelling is reduced and capillaries are strengthened.

The result?   Skin that is visibly smoother and firmer and an improved body contour, with minimized appearance of cellulite. 

How does cellulite cream penetrate and break down body fat


Ingredients include:

Natural Ingredients of 3D Roller Full Body Fat Burning Cream

3 x 3D Roller Fat Burning Cream

(Each tube is 40g, and total package weight is 120g)

More Recommendations, Tips:

While this cream can be great used by itself, for even more substantial effects, we you may use it with your cavitation body slimming device

* You can also enhance results by applying your cream prior to work-out sessions or yoga classes, in order to further relax muscles and improve metabolism.

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