3in1 Air pressure Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage Electrostimulation Machine

Plug type: US Plug
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Presoterapia professional pressotherapy drainage lymphatic detox 3 in 1 beauty instrument pressotherapy machine

Inflatable/heating part: Arms, waist, legs, feet
Rated power:                400W
Time setting:                ≤90mins(Boot default 60mins)
Temperature setting:    ≤80℃ (default 35℃ when power on)
Pressure intensity:        1~10 gears (the larger the value, the stronger the air pressure)
Air flow rate:                 60L/min
Inflate/deflate modes:  1~5(The larger the value, the longer the squeeze time)
Rated voltage:              AC230V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz or AC110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz (optional)
Box gauge:                   55x45x56cm
Gross weight:               22kg


Working Principle

The airwave massager is inflated through a multi-cavity, and has rhythmic aerated inflation and squeezing. Deflating. Forms a cyclical pressure on the limb. Arrives to promote venous return. Strengthens arterial perfusion. Improves blood and lymph circulation. Prevents venous thrombosis Eliminate edema and promotes healing treatment. It can move the limbs and has a better quality effect.


  • Give you a more comfortable massage experience
  • Easy operation. It is convenient for the elderly to operate
  • High-end powerful motor
  • Made of high-end fabric, soft and comfortable
  • Others: Time set; Pressure regulation. Mode switch, velcro to open and close

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