3in1 Multi-function Hotselling Factory Price Water SPA

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3in1 Multi-function Hotselling Factory Price Water SPA Beauty Salon Hydrafacials Machine Oxygen Jet Peel

Product Description

Product Name
Water-Oxygen Carving Skin-Shining Apparatus
Remove spots, Remove acne, Cleaning, Tender skin, Remove wrinkle, Grow hair, Beauty skin and create a young condition of skin.
AC220V~230V/50~60Hz ;AC100V~110V/50~60Hz
≤820 VA
Water mist particle velocity
≤230 m/s
Built-in air output pressure
≤8 kg
Water mist particle diameter
≤80 um
≥ 0.25MPa
Packing size(cm)
54*118*73 cm
Packing form
Wooden case

Overall Introduction:

Vacuum SPA:Applying the theory of water displacement and low pressure, the vacuum spa can solve the respiration difficulty of the skin .Also, it can dredge lymph, clear out the dirt on the epidermis, eliminate the cutin produced in epidermis metabolism and purify the water of the inner circumstance polluted by pigment. With the humanism design of carving net of different densities and the help of cycle system of hydrodynamic force,the ion base water of the vacuum SPA would have a comprehensive cleaning of the waste attaching to the inner wall of pores.What’s more, it supplies the skin with plenty of water, and helpful to shape and tighten the facial outline. In a word, users can get more than one benefit from one step. Water-Oxygen Skin shining:Working at the top speed of 230m/s, this machine can eject the sufficient mixture of oxygen and nutrition liquid (just like a kind of spray). The water vapor particles have effect on skin through the tiny nozzle. With a diameter of 50-80um, which is smaller than pores, the tiny particles can infiltrate through epidermis to dermis(the acne bacillus will die when meeting oxygen), and then clean the common opening of hair follicle and sebaceous gland totally(subject to the treatment of acne). At the same time, it work well on the elimination of skin allergen, sebum mite,and hair follicle mite.The inner condition of the skin can be improved when nutrients added into the basic fluid.Oxygen in the water-oxygen mixture can effectively neutralize the saturation and promote the metabolism of skin.When cleaning the sebaceous gland,the water-oxygen particles cooperate with the hair growth factor, which makes it the prime means of resisting seborrheic alopecia. The physical functions can totally replace those of manual skin caring. Tenderize skin through oxygen injection: Using essence made of the active ingredients during the massage under the circumstance of pure oxygen can make an entire effect on skin can provide sufficient nourishment to skin. This can solve the problem of oxygen insufficiency in body or skin, and accelerate the metabolism of cells effectively, moisturize and shine the skin.


Main Functions

1.Spot elimination: Good for removing scald, scar left after surgery, acne marks and pockmarks; 2.Acne elimination: Good for treatment on acne, inflammation, pimple, and blackhead; 3.Clean and provide water: Clean from the deep part of the skin so that make the skin cutin layer,minimally invasive scars, blackhead remove, at the same time supply the skin with sufficient water; 4.Tenderize skin: Helpful to wipe off the patch, pigmentation and good for pore contraction so as to whiten skin and make the skin more elastic and shining. The condition of the skin all over the body would be improved; 5.Smooth wrinkles: Beneficial to smooth wrinkles around lips and eyes, wrinkles between eyebrows and smooth striae gravidarum; 6.Hair growth: Good for resist seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata and have a effective caring on hair; 7.Bring a young state of the skin: Suitable to deal with pimple, facial holes, fat granule, acne marks, and various patches.

Using Effects

Packing & Delivery

The items along with the machine are
1 packing box, 1 host,
1 hair removal handle, 1 pico tattoo removal handle(532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm),
1 water injection tool, 1 operator glasses, 1 patient glasses, 1 power cord, 2 keys,pedal switch .

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