40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

Plug type: US Plug
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This amazing machine will help you burn fat, reshape your body and rejuvenate your skin.  It’s three functional beauty heads treat different skin concerns on both face and body.

40k ultrasonic cavitation machine 3 benefits blasting of fat, tighten skin, whiten & smooth


  • Reduces cellulite on the body by breaking up fat cells quickly and powerfully.
  • Tightens loose and sagging skin on face and neck, reducing double chin.
  • Firms the skin around the eye area and fade dark circles.
  • Reduces facial wrinkles, minimizes darks spots & discoloration, helping to reveal smoother, whiter skin.
  • Boosts metabolism and circulation in the body and enhances the skin’s luminosity.
  • Accelerates the decomposition of fat, helping you to achieve a slimmer figure.

Effect comparison before and after using 40k ultrasonic cavitation machine


  • Completely non-invasive treatment with no need of surgery and anesthesia
  • Obvious visible results can be achieved without the risk of gaining back weight
  • Does not cause side effects such as uneven skin, nor swelling
  • 3 functional beauty heads for treatment of different body parts
  • Adjustable intensity settings to meet your specific needs
  • Applicable to various areas of body including face, neck, belly, waist, thigh, calf and buttocks
  • Overall safe and effective to use

How to Use: 

Usage of different head types of 40K ultrasonic cavitation machine on body and face

 40k Cavitation Head, Multipolar RF Head, Tripolar RF Head


Material:  ABS

Power:  50W

Input:  110V/220V

Tripolar RF:  24V 3 MHZ 1W

Cavitation 40K:  150V 40KHZ 25W

Multipolar RF:  66V 3MHZ 35W

Available Plug Types: US/EU/AU/UK

Package Weight:  3.5 kg

Size:  Approx. 13*13.3*19cm / 5.12*5.24*7.48in

Screen Size:  Approx. 4.3 in

Unique plug design of cavitation machine, for better protection

Parts of 49k Ultrasonic Cavitation Body  Slimming Machine


1 x Main Machine

2 x Radio Frequency Heads (for Body and for Face)

1 x 40K Explosion Fat Head

1 x Power Cord

1 x Instructions Manual (includes English, please contact us if you require other languages) 


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