5 in 1 Body Slimming Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Roller Body Shaping Massage Fat Removal Face Slimming Machine

Plug Type: US Plug
Sale price$1,299.00


This machine can provide different types of plugs and standard voltage. Please note the type you need when you place the order. In addition, our machine can provide special customized services, such as changing system language, adding logo, different color chassis, adding replaceable handle, etc. for details please consult the seller, thank you for coming!

We have been operating factories and physical stores in China for more than 8 years. We can ensure that every machine sold by us has the best quality, cost performance and after-sales service.
If you don't understand anything about this machine, please contact the seller.

We have been operating factories and physical stores in China for more than 8 years. We can guarantee that every machine sold by us has the best quality, cost performance and after-sales service.

The company guarantees all equipment for 2 year

 Mechanical manipulation (vacuum/massage mechanism):

 A. Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation
 B. Facilitates the activity of fibroblasts
 C. Reduces the viscosity of fat cell clusters
 D. Promotes vasodilation and extravasation of oxygen and nutrients

Technical parameters:
System:Vacuum roller + cavitation + multipolar 3 in 1
Cavitation frequency:40KHZ
Pressure handle vacuum roller:0-85kpa
Screen:8 inch touch screen

Best selling roller vacuum fat freeze cryolipolysis machine

This machine uses ultrasound cavitation, multi-polar RF and vacuum roller therapy to achieve cellulite reduction and improved body contour. This process is a natural response of the body when it needs to use stored energy reserves, this vacuum roller cavitation is not creating any unnatural reaction in the body nor does it affect or damage any surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. Ultrasound waves produce a mechanical vibration of the tissue which breaks down the cellulite,increases circulation and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.


1. Vacuum roller liposuction with RF
With the help of the vacuum-infrared light treatment head a local blood congestion occurs, the metabolism in the connective tissue improves, the micro-and lymphatic circulation accelerates, thus the skin and the collective tissue detoxifies at a higher intensity. With frequent use the production of collagen increases, resulting a firmer skin. The guaranteed painless treatment enables the detoxification and firming of the collective tissue, a smaller circumference (weight loss) and stria treatment, and the attenuation of scars.

2. 40K cavitation
What is the Ultrasound Cavitation operation?
It uses a 40kHz focused ultrasound cavitation effect, to cause tons of microscopic air bubbles to surround the LEDcyte (fat cell) membranes and with its resonant frequency, the bubbles cause a high enough to cause the fat cells to break up instantly. The broken LED cytes are then moved to the liver and safely metabolized out of human body which is assisted by drinking a lot ofwater.

3. Body, Facial, Eyes RF
High frequency radio frequency can rapidly improve local blood circulation, cause disintegration of fatty acids and metabolism of fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of fat dissolution and weight loss. Use the probe to massage the specific part of skin circularly after applying the gel or slimming products for about 20 or 30 minutes. Mainly for face lifting,wrinkle removal, skin tightening ,skin rejuvenation,anti-aging,fat reduction.


1. Body slimming, contouring & shaping.
2. Fat and cellulite reduction.
3. Skin Tightening.
4. Wrinkle Removal.
5. Fat removal, weight loss.
6. Eyes' area treatments.
7. Face wrinkle removal & lifting.
8. Promote cell metabolism, improve blood circulation.
9. Increase skin elasticity.
10. Anti-aging, skin lifting.
11. Dark circle removal.

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