80khz cavitation Beauty Equipment 6 In 1 Cavitation Rf Machine For Weight Loss And Body liposuction Slimming

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80K vacuum cavitation

80K  cavitation  device  uses  mutual  vibration and friction between the fat cells by using ultrasonic wave probe launching up to 80000HZ, and  then  energy  consumption,  finally the cells blasting instantly. 80K cavi-tation is to make local heating, and then fat blasting, so as to achieve the effect of reducing fat. The  device  combines  with  80K  blasting  fat probe, vacuum & bipolar, G5 vibrating and BIO electrotherapy, which is for  whole  body treatment

Functional principle

1.Powerful Lipolysis, Remove Fat
The use of strong  acoustic  waves  gathered  strong  acoustic  head  firing  frequency  of 40000HZ sound waves into the human body can make the body fat  cells  have  a  strong impact and the friction between fat cells movement can effectively consume calories and consume cells of water , So that fat cells  shrink, the  other  when  the  sound  waves  can make the cell strong crack impact, the cells  burst, fat  cells  decreased, so  as  to  achieve the effect of removing fat.

2.Dissolve Fat, Lymphatic Drainage, Firm Skin, Enhance Skin Elasticity
With  the  most  advanced  RF technology and energy RF in one, you can deep direct fat body, with  targeted  RF  output  excellence,  so that fat cells in a rapidly active state, the body heat of friction heat, the  local  temperature  Increase,  through  the  sweat  glands, enterohepatic circulation and lymphatic excess body fat and toxins excreted, in order  to achieve the effect of dissolving fat.

3.Improve the orange peel tissue, Slimming shape
The  biological  wave  generated  by  the  electrode  of  the  instrument  stimulates  the corresponding acupoints of the body and utilizes different  frequencies  and  pulses  to effectively stimulate the body of fat under the interaction of  various  physical  electrons  to exercise the body again and thus consume the heat again Fat, in order to achieve the efficacy of plastic body.

4.The introduction of magnetic therapy health technology
Magnetic activation of cells with energy, promote blood circulation; remove free radicals in blood vessels,blood  viscosity,  lowering  blood  pressure; sedation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, swelling; improve immunity; anti-aging effect.

5.Anti-aging row acid balance
According to the acid-base balance, acid-base neutralization theory, a large amount of acidic substances are gathered in the diseased parts of the human body, and the acidic substances are what we call the wastes that are not metabolized  by  the  human  body. The 3D stereo carving instrument integrates light,  electricity  and  magnetism , Infrared functions  in  one,  for  the  modern sub-health  conditions, to  soothing, physiotherapy, beauty and other functions; through vacuum suction, far infrared, magnetic therapy and optoelectronics, smooth lymphatic channels to speed up the body's metabolism, blood circulation, speed up Toxin metabolism and nutrient absorption, relieve pain, health care, which played the role of row acid acid correction.

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