7 in 1 Intelligent Skin Analyzer Hydrafacial Machine

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    7 in 1 Different Handles of Professional Skin Analysis Hydrafacial Machine


    1. Intelligent face recognition (swipe your face to log in)
    2. Intelligent diagnosis (the system automatically analyzes the test results)
    3. 8 major detection functions: wrinkles, pores, color spots, roughness, oil content, sensitivity, moisture levels, and acne
    4. 10 megapixel macro camera
    5. 3 spectral imaging technologies (standard white light, cross-polarized light, and UV light), which can be applied to the skin or scalp and used for surface layer, dermis, hair follicle, or pore scan detection. In particular, UV light used for hair follicle detection can accuratelydetermine the degree of hair follicle bottom.
    6. High resolution diagnosis to better solve customers' facial problems and provide the best care
    7. 5G cloud interconnection (enter the member number to view the cloud detection result report)
    8. 6 high quality handles (providing comprehensive solution for all major skin problems, timely detection and care)
    9. Highly cost effective (relative to most skin management instruments on the market), and provides customers with a new higher technology beauty experience)
    10. Effectively provides intelligent recommendation of beauty products. 
    11. The design of the handles conforms to the principles of ergonomic mechanics, and material has a strong skin-friendly feeling, so the body feels very fine.

    Available Treatments:

    1. Hydradermabrasion
    2. Cold & Hot Hammer, Pores Shrinking
    3. Radio Frequency, Skin Lifting
    4. Facial Skin Analysis 
    5. Oxygen Cleansing
    6. Ultrasonic Scrubber,Pores Cleansing
    7. Ultrasonic Import
    Intelligent Skin Monitoring and Treatment Recommendations, Smsrt Ice Blue Hydra Facial Machine

    Features of Skin Analysis Hydrafacial Machine, Including Face Recognition Login, Opitical Intelligent Skin Monitoring, and Cloud Storage of Diagnostics

    Features of Skin Analysis Hydrafacial Machine, Including Mobile App Background Control, Personalized Beauty Programs, and Recommended Professional Skincare Products

    Before and After Treatment Effects of 7 in 1 Professional Skin Analysis Hydrafacial Machine

    • Vacuum range: 700mmHg
    • Output control: touch screen & handle switch
    • Gold RF: fast response multi-pole (energy 10-level adjustment)
    • Electrophoresis: 1MHZ (energy 10-level adjustment)
    • Ultrasonic: 1MHZ (energy 10-level adjustment)
    • Cooling head: water-cooled & air-cooled (energy 10-level adjustment)
    • Ultrasonic Scrubber: 25KHZ (energy 10-level adjustment)
    • Ion sprayer: 2000mmHg
    • Interface: 10.1 inches, computer touch screen
    • Input voltage: 110-240V 50-60HZ 150AV
    • The screen is equipped with battery and can be used independently. The platform computer system is Windows.

    Back Side Power Inputs of Ice Blue Intelligent Skin Analyzer Hydrafacial Machine

    • 1 x Microdermabrasion Hydrafacial Machine (main unit)
    • 1 x Power cord 
    • 6 x Hand cable
    • 1 x Hydro dermabrasion handle
    • 1 x Ultrasonic scrubber handle
    • 1 x Nano atomizing spray handpiece
    • 1 x Radio Frequency handle
    • 1 x Cooling Handle
    • 1 x Ultrasonic import handle x1
    • Solution bottles ABC (1 each)
    • Solution bottle D
    • 1 x Sewage bottle 
    • 1 x Hand tool bracket 
    • 1 x One year warranty

    Product Size Dimensions of of Ice Blue Intelligent Professional Skin Analysis Hydrafacial Machine

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