8 in 1 hydrogen and oxygen face lifting cleansing machine

Plug Type: US Plug
Sale price$549.00


Experience the ultimate skincare with 8-in-1 hydrogen oxygen facial machine for estheticians. Elevate your beauty with upgraded microcurrent, bipolar RF radiofrequency, etc., offering ultrasonic introduction, deep cleansing, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, lifting, anti-aging and more.

Utilizing the low-temperature ice hammer to stimulate collagen production, refine pores, and reinstate skin elasticity. Paired with our microcurrent probe and bipolar RF radiofrequency,, this advanced combination effectively addresses common issues such as under-eye bags and laugh lines.

The powerful hydrogen oxygen cleaning pen effortlessly removes dirt and impurities, while the high-density ion spray pen ensures deep moisture penetration; ultrasonic introducer deeply penetrates for repair, and the plasma probe effectively enhances hydration and wrinkle resistance.

Enhance your skincare routine by incorporating your favorite beauty serums into the ABC functional bottles. Combine these serums with hydrogen-oxygen cleansing pen to effectively eliminate skin impurities, resulting in improved skin texture and a more radiant complexion.

Our detailed instruction make assembly a breeze. When transport the hydrogen oxygen facial machine, Please Note: 1. Ensure the device is switched off. 2. Empty all liquid bottles to prevent spillage. 3. Handle with care to avoid impact that could harm the internal structure.

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