9 in 1 Cavitation Lipo Laser Body Sculpting Machine

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Available with 40K or 80K cavitation, this stylish slimming machine is designed to achieve the most effective body contouring, including reduction of fat & cellulite on your targeted areas plus skin firming & tightening.  All this without any downtime.

  • Easy to use 
  • Quick & effective body shaping, skin rejuvenating results
  • Great value for the money (compared to salon treatments)
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • 1 year warranty 

Body Shaping, Skin Firming, Cellulite Removal, Slim Woman’s Body, Cavitation Laser Machine

How the functions work:

Ultrasonic Cavitation:  

Strong 40K and 80K sound waves vibrate the fat cells in such a way as to produce a large number of vacuum pockets inside and outside the cells.  The strong impact on fat cells creates an introverted explosions, leading to enhanced molecular motion and higher energy levels. This causes the fat cells rupture and the achievement of body sculpture and weight loss results.

Multipolar Radio Frequency for Body:

Heat stimulates the production of collagen to help reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.  Excess fat and toxins are removed from the body through sweat glands, enterohepatic circulation, and lymph, thus achieving the effect of dissolving fat.

Vacuum Multipolar Radio Frequency:  

The weight-loss vacuum breaks up & sucks up the fat deposits into the interstitial and the lymphatic systems where they are drained.  Vacuum therapy also has an exfoliating effect, providing elasticity to the skin for a firming effect.  The use of radio frequency heats the cell wall and reshapes the body.

Multipolar Radio Frequency for Face:

Multipolar RF is clinically recognized as one of the safest and most effective ways to rejuvenate your facial skin.  The treatment simultaneously heats the dermis layer and adipose layer, to tighten the skin and eliminate wrinkles. Helps you to enjoy a more presentable facial appearance.

Bi-polar Radio Frequency for Eyes:

Works to improve numerous skin indications by activating collagen production and enhancing skin elasticity.  Results in skin tightening and reduction of wrinkles.  


The cold hammer helps to soothe inflamed or sensitive skin following the radio frequency or cavitation treatments.  Improves skin tension, reduces any redness or pain, as well as shrinking apparent pore size.

Laser Fat Sculpting:

Laser treatment liquifies the fat, making it easier to remove.  Also stimulates collagen and elastin production, which results in smoother, firmer, younger looking skin.

Laser Paddles and Handles of Cavitation Lipo Laser Machine


Package Weight:  17kg

Package Dimensions:  55x50x45cm

Ultrasonic Cavitation Power:  25W

Ultrasonic Cavitation Intensity Levels:  0-10

Ultrasonic Cavitation Frequency: 40KHz or 80KHz

Ultrasonic Cavitation Working Time:  0-60min

Vacuum Multipolar Power:  50W

Vacuum Multipolar Frequency:  3MHz

Vacuum Multipolar Vacuum Pressure:  0-80kPa

Multipolar RF Body Power:  50W

Multipolar RF Body Power Supply Output:  66V

Multipolar RF Body Frequency:  6MHz

Multipolar RF Body Working Time:  0-60min

Multipolar RF Face Power:  30W

Multipolar RF Face Power Supply Output:  66V

Multipolar RF Face Frequency:  3MHz

Multipolar RF Face Working Time:  0-30min

Bipolar RF Eyes Power:  30W

Bipolar RF Eyes Power Supply Output:  66V

Bipolar RF Eyes Frequency:  3MHz

Bipolar RF Eyes Working Time:  0-30min

Lipo Laser Pads Size:  6 big + 2 small

Lipo Laser Combined Power:  100mw

Lipo Laser Wavelength:  650-730nm

Lipo Laser Working Temperature:  10-40 degrees C

Lipo Laser Working Time:  30-60min


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