Air wave blood circulation massage physiotherapy device air compression massage device

Plug Type: US Plug
Sale price$599.00


The air wave massager is inflated through a multi-cavity, and has a rhythmic aerated
infla tion and squeezing. Deflating. Forms a cyclical pressure on the limb.. Arrives to
promote venous return. Strengthens arterial perfusion. Improves blood and lymph
circulation.Pre vents venous thrombosis Eliminate edema and promote healing
treatment. lt can not mo ve for the limbs and has better quality effect.

Give you more comfortable massge experience.
◆Easy operation. lt is convenient for elderly to operate.
◆High-end powerful motor.
◆Made of high-end fabric, soft and comfortable.
Others: Time set; Pressure regulation; Mode switch, Zipper to open and close.

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