All-In-One Fat Freezing Lipo Laser Cavitation RF Machine

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Do you want a good fat reduction machine but are unsure which type of  treatment is best?  40K ultrasonic cavitation, cryolipolisis and laser lypolysis are all widely considered to be safe and effective treatments to achieve fat reduction and body contouring.  

The good news is that this machine has all of them, plus radio frequency for skin tightening.  Moreover, all of the treatments are non-invasive and without any downtime.  


1.Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing with Built in Vacuum 

2.40k Ultrasonic Cavitation 

3.Powerful 160mw Lipo Laser 

4. Multipolar Radio Frequency for Body 

5. Bipolar Radio Frequency for Face


Body Contouring Machine with Fat Freezing Lipo Laser Cavitation RF Machine

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing:

Advanced fat freezing technology selectively targets stubborn unwanted fat pockets with temperatures of -10 to -5 degrees C.   The result is weight loss, cellulite reduction and body contouring.

Note:  Always use Fat Freezing Anti Freeze Membranes to avoid freezing of the skin

40K Ultrasonic Cavitation:

40KHz low frequency ultrasound waves form bubbles around fat deposits, causing the fat deposits to burst.  The fat deposits are then drained by the lymphatic system.  The result is reduction of fat and  cellulite.  

Radio Frequency:

Radio frequency (RF) therapy is beneficial for tightening loose or sagging skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  The high power 3MHZ RF of this machine is ideal for professional use, but can also be used safely at home.

Note:  for both Cavitation and Radio Frequency treatments, it is necessary to use Conductive Gel to conduct the current

Laser Lypolysis:

Red light laser therapy is a type of body sculpting that also permanently removes fat cells from the body.   The laser paddles emit heat that penetrates your skin and liquifies the fat underneath, gently destroying the fat cells, which are then  eliminated through your lymphatic system.

The 160mw power of the laser paddles on this machine far exceeds the 5mw power of most machines in the market.

  • Voltage: 110V/220V, 50-60Hz 
  • Rated input power:  360VA
  • Cooling handle power:  up to 200W
  • Cooling vacuum:  650mmHg
  • Cooling handle pump flow rate:  60L/min
  • Vacuum pressure:  0-100Kpa
  • Cooling temperature:  5℃ ~ -5℃
  • Cooling handle output:  0-5Kpa
  • Cooling liquid:  pure water
  • Default working time: 0-60min
  • Cavitation frequency : 40KHz
  • Cavitation power: up to 60W
  • Cavitation tip size:  60mm diameter
  • RF frequency:  3MHz
  • RF power:  up to 30W
  • RF type:  Eight pole with 100mw LED
  • RF tip:  65mm diameter 
  • Laser wavelength:  635nm
  • Laser power:  160mw per diode
  • Laser diodes:  8 large paddles (8 diodes per paddle), 4 small paddles (2 diodes per paddle)


1 x Main Machine

1 x Cool Vacuum Handle

1 x 40KHz Cavitation Handle

1 x Multipolar RF Handle for Body

1 x Bipolar RF Handle for Face

8 x Large Laser Paddles 650nm (each with 10 led light) 160mw

4 x Small Laser Paddles 650nm (each with 2 led light) 160mw

3 x Holders for Parts 

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