Aqua Clean Concentrated Hydrafacial Solution 3pcs Set

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Product function introduction

AS1: Normal skin Weak acid promotes skin peeling, gently removes impurities, exfoliates sebum, provides non-irritating exfoliating effect on pigmented and aging skin, excellent plant extracts minimize skin irritation, long-lasting moisturizing

SA2: Sensitive, anti-acne, fat-dissolving & weak acid can easily remove acne bacteria and aging substances, VitA, VitE and natural moisturizing factors can calm the skin, suitable for sensitive skin

AO3: All skin types (sedative solution) aloe vera and soybean extract, green tea extract, cypress leaf extract, etc., penetrate deep into the skin, repair damaged skin cells, effectively help regeneration, improve skin immunity, brighten the complexion, and full of Skin glow.

S1 solution cream
main ingredient
Lactic Acid (Starch Extract, Water Soluble)
S1 essence contains lactic acid, which can effectively remove dead skin cells and restore whitening skin. The product is
Concentrated serum, convenient and easy to use.

S2 solution cream
main ingredient
Salicylic Acid, Fruit Acid (Plant Extract)
Infused with Salicylic Acid and Psyllium Extract, S2 Serum deeply cleans and brightens areas that need further removal of dirt and blackheads. This product is a concentrated serum that is convenient and easy to use.

S3 solution cream
main ingredient
Hyaluronic acid, purslane (moisturizing and anti-allergic ingredients)
After using S3 essence, it can keep the skin calm, provide nutrients and moisture to the skin in time, and make the skin smooth and elastic. work around. This product is an easy to use concentrated serum.

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