Beauty Salon Equipment Skin Wrinkle Remover Hydra Diamond Dermabrasion Jet Peel Machine Oxygen 14 In 1 Hydro Facial Machine

Plug type: US type
Sale price$1,999.00


Product name
Hydra Facial Machine
Vacuum Range
12" Touch screen

1. Touch screen, fast adjust.
2. Plugging design, can work continuously.
3. One machine with multiple function.
4. Elegant and beautiful appearance design.
5. Non-invasive.
6. It is suitable for various skin type:neutral skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne skin.
1.90 + accessories partners, cost savings of 5%-10%.
2.More than 10 years of experience in beauty instrument production.
3.We invest 25% of our profits in research and development every year, and the company has more than 40 patents.
4.30-45 days rapid development and design of new products.

Skin Scrubber

High-frequency vibration removes dead skin and blackheads to clean the face and tighten the skin.Deep fine wrinkle and make skin young and soft .Reduce melanin to get a whiten skin .

Diamond Peeling

Exfoliates dead skin and impurities .Improving skin elasticity of the cheeks , chin , neck , neckline , etc .Improving skin complexion.

High Frequency

Applicable to stubbom acne , shrink enlarged pores , reduce wrinkles ,fade dark eye circles , rejuvenate the condition of the scalp.

Hydra Dermabrasion

Deep cleansing of skin.Blackheads/whiteheads removal. Excellent for all skin types . Immediate result .

Oxygen Spray

Nano-oxygen lance ( deep hydration ) nano particles spray oxygen water particles are fine , directly penetrate the muscle bottom.

LED Light

It's appropriate for mormal skin to acne skin & atopic dermatitis using high performance LED light.

Microcurrent BIO

Improving skin elasticity of the Cheeks , Chin , Neck,Neckline etc.Improving skin complexion.

Facial Ultrasonic

Massage effect by the vibration.Wrinkle , Acne , Couperose,Scar face.

Vacuum pen

Refine pores .Blackheads removal.Skin massage

Auto Micro Needle Pen

Scar Removal.Acne removal.Wrinkle removal.

Oxygen activating bubble pen

Anti-aging , whitening , cured dark cycles ,acne , to improve sensitive skin

Eyes Ultrasonic

Smooth wrinkles.Skin tightening.Antr-aging.

Cold Hammer

Ice sealed probe awaken skin vitality , quickly cool , shrink pores and lock the face essence without loss.

Three Polar RF

Promotes collagen regeneration to fill in wrinkles and restore skin firmness and elasticity

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