Vacuum Cavitation System Machine Radio Frequency Weight Loss Fat Removal 40k Cavitation Skin Tightening Machine

Plug Type: US Plug
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Function Fat blasting、body shaping、vacuum negative pressure、Lymphatic drainage、skin tightening
Working handle Four-pole radio frequency head
Radio frequency negative pressure head
Focusing acoustic wave head
Six-pole radio frequency head
Three-pole radio frequency head
Sound wave pattern A、B、C、D
Voltage 110V/220V

Working Principle

AS83 is a beauty instrument that integrates various functional probes with the most significant effects at present. It uses multi-polar radio frequency, negative pressure radio frequency, vibration fat blasting, focused ultrasound, and infrared fat dissolving technology . The clinical effect is remarkable. , Effectively used in different fields such as weight loss and fat dissolution, shaping, acid discharge, and skin tightening. A variety of probes can be aimed at people with different physiques and different degrees of obesity, and can be used with different probes to perform weight loss and shaping operations at different angles. It can operate the whole body, lose weight from the root cause, change the easy-to-fat physique, directly reach the subcutaneous fat, and effectively clear the stasis. Block and discharge wastes from the body, accelerate fat metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss and shaping without side effects.


1. Powerful fat blasting and fat removal
2. Dissolve fat , lymphatic drainage, firm skin, enhance skin elasticity
3. Improve cellulite, slimming and shaping
4. Introduce magnetic therapy health care technology
5. Anti - aging and acid-removing balance

40K Cavitation Head

By blasting fat through the skin and eliminating fat, you can do whole body weight loss, thin thighs, thin arms, thin waist and so on.

Vacuum RF Head

The combination of radio frequency and vacuum negative pressure promotes the body's metabolism and quickly discharges the blasted adipose tissue.

Multipolar RF Head

Six-pole radio frequency head : It has a wide range of action and can be used on the waist, back, legs and other parts of the body to achieve the effect of fat-dissolving and fat-reducing.

Quadrupole radiofrequency head

The scope of action is moderate, and it can be used on the arms, shoulders, neck and other parts to achieve the effect of fat-dissolving and fat-reducing.

Three-pole radio frequency head

The scope of action is small, and it can be used for facial tightening and local lifting to achieve anti-wrinkle, face-lifting and soothing effects.

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