Effective result vortex RF facial machine radio frequency slimming RF for salon use

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Portable 3D monopolar rf machine for body&face

Product name
Anti-aging Weight Loss Machine
Treatment area
3 pc
Automatically change frequency
Led wave length
Infrared wave length
740-850nm IR
8.4 inch touch screen
Quantum rf/ led therapy/ infrared heat therapy
Pore Remover, Blood Vessels Removal, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation


Automatically control the stratified frequency conversion radio frequency technologythrough quantum computing, transmit it to the vortex emitter in the form of high-fidelityelectric waves, and control the frequency change of its output, selectively making theskin epidermis, dermis layer and fascia layer accurately generate high heat. Inducesthe wound healing reaction in the dermis through hyperthermia, promotes the continu-ous release of collagen from the dermal fibroblasts, promotes the continuous synthesisof new collagen, makes it more closely arranged, and the damaged collagen layer isreplenished to awaken the skin elasticity and lasting. The purpose of firming the skin.At the same time, the use of its deep focused high heat is aimed at improving fat gran-ules.

Technical Features

1.Human body induction automatic identification technology with tactile muscles turned on 
2. Sensorless quantum computing mobile detection and recognition technology 
3. High-fidelity waveform output technology 
4, load output automatic balancing technology 
5. Quantum computing automatic control layered frequency conversion technology 
6. IR & cold light frequency conversion technology


Quantum vortex RF and traditional RF PK

First generation RF
Second generation RF
Third generation RF
Fourth generation RF
Fifth generation RF
With quasi-monopolar RF technology, the patient is connected to the electrode pads to form a circuit.
With bipolar RF technology, the patient does not need to connect the pads because the RF electrodes are very close together.
The wave-phase unipolar RF eliminates the binding of the negative plate and is heated by the resonance of water molecules.
The focused RF is precisely phase-shifted by the phase adjustment of the RF waves to produce high heat at different levels below
the skin.
Mechanism of action on the skin
Collagen contraction : When the collagen is heated, the hydrogen bond between the three helices is broken and curled, and the
molecular shape changes structurally. It appears as a stable form of immediate contraction, which immediately sees loose skin
tightening. Collagen regeneration : The intervention of RF converts fibroblasts (FC), which are functionally quiescent, into fibroblasts. The
heat accumulation induces the wound healing reaction of the body, so that the collagen mother fiber cells begin to release
collagen continuously, and the new fibroblast energy source continuously proliferates the new collagen, and reconstructs the
high-precision mesh subcutaneous support structure without any leak points.
Deep penetration
Shallow penetration
Uncontrollabel depth
Phase adjustment control depth
Strong pain, high risk of burns and electric shock
Energy cannot penetrate deep into the fascia of the skin.
Unable to accurately control penetration depth
Single frequency, erythema or purple epilepsy
No pain but there is a sense of electric shock
No pain, but a feeling of overheating
No pain, but a feeling of overheating

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