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Plug Type: US Plug
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This professional grade cryotherapy machine is ideal for spas and salons who want to offer the latest innovative and most effective weight loss and body contouring treatments.

A one hour treatment offers quick and obvious fat reduction effects, without pain or downtime, and without the possibility of gaining the weight back.

The elegant vertical style and touch screen on the handle make it convenient to move around and operate.

Rated input voltage
AC220V-240V 50HZ /AC110V-120V 60Hz
Rated input power
Cool cold slimming Vacuum

Up to 200W
Cooling device output temperature
5~ -5°C
Cooling device output
Cooling liquid
pure water
Packing list
1. Voltage 220V/50Hz for European Courntries,Australia,UK
110V/50Hz Voltage for USA,Canada,Japan etc.
2. Power consumption: 500W
3. Cooling device output temperature:5~ -5°C
4. Cooling device output :0-5Kpa
5. Cooling liquid: pure water
6. Default working time:0-60min
7. Fuse size:F2AL250V


3 handles used together or individually
2 control options - color touch screen or joystick control
Two language options on the display - English and Spanish, or you can request a free customization
Advanced fat freezing technology is used to selectively target stubborn unwanted fat pockets
More effective cooling technology compared with other machines on the market: low temperature up to -10°C to 15°C, up to 80 Kpa, time up to 60 minutes
High reliability with self-protection program and stable temperature control Fast and long-lasting treatment effect: 1-2 courses of treatment can produce obvious and visible results, and the effect can last for several years More advanced than liposuction, no side effects, non-invasive. Applicable Suitable for most skin types and body types, including saggy and aging skin, with short operation cycle and few operation steps

Therapeutic Areas:

Hip fat
Bra fat
Back fat
You can choose the handle according to the treatment area
Therapeutic principles of cryolipolysis on the abdomen and legs before and after cryotherapy

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