Hot selling fat cellulite trusculpt EMS flex rf skin tightening Muscle Building Button Lifting Body Slimming Machine

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Product name
Body Sculpting EMS Machine
16 Handles
AC110~240V, 50/60Hz
1~30 level
5 modes
Gross Weight
About 28kg
Air Box Size
Display Screen
10.4 inch touch screen

Working Principle

The principle of Body Sculpting EMS is to release high-intensity electrical pulse energy through the electrode handle to directly transmit the deep muscles, stimulate the target muscle motor neurons, make the muscles contract continuously and rapidly, increase muscle tension, mass and strength;Body Sculpting EMS electrical pulse technology allows the human body to produce passive movement, so to achieve the purpose of muscle growth and fat reduction ,loss weight and shaping.

What is Body Sculpting EMS ?

1.Body Sculpting EMS is a personalized muscle sculpting device. The device consists of four core electrode cables, and each core electrode cable consists of 4 electrode handles, with a total of 16 working handles. The handle is placed on the body, allowing up to eight areas to be treated simultaneously. The Body Sculpting EMS has a variety of intensity settings and treatment modes, delivering electrical impulses through a handle placed on the skin over the muscles, simulating action potentials initiated by the nervous system, triggering rhythmic muscle contractions, and stimulating metabolism and blood circulation. Proprietary unique handle and gel patch deliver energy directly to stimulate muscle contraction without wasting energy. Body sculpting EMS is an electrical impulse muscle stimulation device that uses electrical impulses to induce muscle contractions. A specific muscle or muscle group can be contracted far beyond levels tolerated by traditional electrode pads. As shown below, body sculpting EMS leverages many of the historical effects of traditional EMS, but is an innovation in electrode design because it applies a uniform current distribution along the length of the muscle.
This technique can provide beneficial muscle tightening for most people. Five suitable groups of people have been sorted out:
①Women who need to gain muscle and change their body shape - hip lift, vest line, and let women show their graceful posture in minutes. ②Men who need to increase muscle and change their shape - increase muscle, especially sculpt chocolate muscle. ③ People who need to lose weight - suitable for both men and women, more suitable for busy office workers ④People who need to lose weight and shape quickly - brides-to-be, models, actors, etc. ⑤ Postpartum mothers (rectus abdominis separation) - improve the shape of the abdominal muscles and shape a flat abdomen.

Machine introduction

Device Features

Non-invasive, safe , comfortable During the treatment, only muscle contraction is felt, the process is easy and comfortable, and there is no side effect on the body, just do it and go.
Faster and more efficient Treating up to eight areas simultaneously at a time improves body coverage and provides more efficient and comprehensive muscle activation. Time-saving and efficient 1 session of 45 minutes = 54000 muscle contraction exercises; versus 54000 crunches/squats.
Flexibility handle The 16 handles provide multiple different body parts options to customize treatment for multiple muscle groups.
Higher efficiency A treatment of 30% muscle gain and 25% fat loss.
Simple operation Equipped with a special gel pack to fix the handle to stabilize energy transmission and improve safety and effectiveness.
Auto Mode - Smart Loop Provide automatic multi-frequency combination mode therapy for targeted muscle areas.
Manual Mode-Custom Loop In manual mode, 1 to 8 frequencies can be freely selected, and various responses are triggered according to the selected therapy frequency.
Tailored energy control system Targeted regional energy adjustment, and customized energy stages for each part.

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