Hydra oxygen facial hydrodermabrasion salon beauty machine

Plug Type: US Plug
Sale price$2,499.00


Hydro dermabrasion(3pcs , with plastic , silicone , diamond tips)
Bio micocurrent handle & microcurrent gloves
Vacuum pen/ Suction pen
Spray mist gun
Photon light
Skin scrubber
2/3 polar RF
Acne meter
Skin analyzer
Computer system
Water dermabrasion , photon light
Max output
water dermabrasion with plastic / diamond / silicone tips
Bio microcurrent face lifting & microcurrent gloves
Vacuum pen with 3 sizes
Photon light with 2 handles
Spray mist gun 1 piece(New Design)
2poar & 3 polar RF
Skin scrubber
Acne meter
Skin analyzer
100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Package size
Net weight
35 KG
10.4” Touch screen

Hydro machine advantages

Hydro dermabrasion / diamond dermabrasion/ silicone dermabrasion Newest patent dermabrasion handle with adjust switch on it

The exfoliating tip of microdermabrasion machine provides a non-invasive treatment to rub off top skin layer, so that to remove the dead cell. Makes skin smoother, with more refined texture, and firmer by stimulating your natural cell renewal.

Principle and Functions - Skin Analysis SyStem

The machine can clearly enlarge the epidermal layer for the analysis of various skin symptoms according to optics principles. Then give out the effective treatment about the skin problem. skin analyzer result can directly send to client's email or whatsapp from machine The functions of the multifunctional skin analysis system are as follows:

1. File management module
2. Cloud computing, cloud storage module
3. Surface and deep quantitative analysis module
4. Skin prediction module
5. 3D simulation module
6. Problem skin module
7. Comparative analysis module
8. Integrated report module
9. Solution module
10. VIP customized module


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