Laser Picosecond Coffee Spot Removal Tattoo Remover Laser Clinic Using Q Switch Picosecond Laser

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Pico + Nano

First, the Nanosecond pulses are used to deliver short bursts of energy that break down the larger and deeper pigment or ink particles. Then, the area is rescanned with Picosecond pulses that dismantle the smaller and shallower particles. This combination yields far better results than using either one of the technologies on its own.

High Energy

The machine's high energy levels allow for pigment/tattoo removal in fewer treatments than other competing laser systems. They can be set as Nano or Pico for dual pulse treatments.

Deep Reach

With this machine, your clients will appreciate faster treatment results in less time Treatment sessions. Larger spot size allows deeper penetration into the dermis Better dispersion of pigments or embedded ink particles.

Nano + Pico for Doubly Effective Treatment

The combination different laser pulse durations provide an optimal method for shattering all sizes of pigment particles

Why Choose Us

1. Korean custom guarding light arm, light loss rate is less than 20%, the output energy      is stable and uniform, and the service life is long.
2. 3000mj-6000mj ultra-high focusing energy, accurate blasting of deep pigments,                faster, more efficient and safe treatment.
3. Ultra-short pulse width treatment, which is comfortable , harmless and repair faster .
4. A new generation of Swiss imported honeycomb head, non-invasive and comfortable      treatment, skin rejuvenation fine lines in one step.

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