Multifunctional IPL and Elight OPT Two Technology Pigmentation Treatment Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machine

Plug Type: US Plug
Sale price$1,699.00



1. Fast hair removal.
2. Wrinkle removal.
3. Acne removal.
4. Skin rejuvenation.
5. Breast lift up.
6. Pigment treatment.
7. Vascular removal.


Each handle with 300,000 shots!!! SHR Spot Size: 15*50mm.
7 filters: 430nm & 480nm & 530nm & 560nm & 640nm & 690nm & 750nm.

Powerful cooling system, real painless

Double semiconductor cooling pads to avoid burning and make the clients feel comfortable.
Handpiece cooling is very important. Our updated cooling system gurantee the treatment is more pleasant and convenient.

Faster treatment

The treatment head with larger spot greatly shortens the treatment time,Imported pure Sapphire Crystal, keep energy penetrate into hair follicle precisely .

Longlasting service time

UK Imported X-Lamp, at least 300,000 Shots, upgraded version, 4 times shots than traditional SHR.
Auto record shots, prepare spare parts in time to ensure the satisfaction of customers' appointment for treatment.
1. SHR & Elight two technologies in one machine more advanced, SHR handle can rapidly remove hair also permanent hair removal.
♦2. 8 inch color touch screen.
♦3. UK xenon lamp,shot about 300,000 shots.
♦4. Power 2500W, SHR spot size is 15*50mm.
♦5. Equipped with 7 filters:430nm & 480nm & 530nm & 560nm & 640nm & 690nm & 750nm
♦6. water cooling + semiconductor cooling + air cooling +screen cooling.
♦7.The treatment only a slight burning sensation. Painless.
♦8. Non-invasive, no follow-up care, no side effects. Fast treatment. Frequency up to 10Hz! Skinfree, suitable for all skin types,even tanners.
♦9. Many accessories and package in Aluminum Alloy Box.

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