New Portable Inner Ball Roller Machine 8D Roller Body Contouring Machine Physical Cellulite Removal Body Shape Machine

Plug Type: US Plug
Sale price$1,599.00


Touch screen:                                     10.4 inch super large LCD

Small handle speed:                           675rpm

Large handle speed:                           675rpm

Input voltage:                                     AC110V/220V

Output power:                                   10-300W

Fuse:                                                   5A

Respected user:

Welcome to choose the latest product of our company, the inner ball roller instrument. This equipment is an innovative compression micro-vibration + infrared technology. This technology is realized through the 360° intelligent rotating cylindrical roller handle. A roller set of 50 silicone balls for body care and a smaller handle with a roller set of 60 silicone balls for face/neck care. Silicone spheres are placed in a honeycomb shape with a specific density and diameter. Direction of rotation and pressure ensure micro-compression is delivered to the tissue. The unique handle creates mechanical compression micro-vibrations to the skin, which cannot be replicated by hand or other techniques. "Compression and micro-vibration therapy" replaces the traditional method of "suction and traction massage", replaces suction with micro-compression, and replaces traction with micro-vibration. When applied to the body, it helps improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, deeply detoxify, relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, break down subcutaneous fat deposits, eliminate cellulite, reduce cellulite and contour. After a few procedures, your body will lose 1-2 sizes of volume in no time! When applied to the face, it helps improve vascularization, which supports collagen and elastin production, increases oxygen delivery, helps nourish and brighten tissues from within, and also relaxes and tones muscles to help reduce the appearance of expression lines Appears, reduces puffiness, fights tissue sagging, and visibly rejuvenates the face. Compression micro - vibration therapy is specially designed for non - invasive skin rejuvenation, body sculpting and physical therapy.

It is the latest generation of body care for the face, neck, décolletage, arms, chest, back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, feet and more. Compression micro-vibration therapy is a treatment that can reactivate blood circulation, a method that can care for complex conditions such as lymphatic stasis, lymphedema and cellulite, so it can improve skin nutrition and cellular oxygenation, compression micro-vibration therapy It is an innovative combination between beauty and health.

Toning relaxes muscles and relieves pain The action of this mechanical rotation applies rhythmic pulsating compression to the tissue, which in turn generates vibration stimulation to fully soften and stretch the stiff and sore deep muscle groups, thereby eliminating pain and contracture. The non-invasive "compression micro-vibration" patented system is more specific and in-depth than manual treatment. In addition, the micro-vibrations of the compression also simulate deconstriction action on the facial muscles, increasing vascularization which allows natural stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for tired, dull or sagging complexion Rejuvenate and reawaken your natural beauty. Working deep in the skin, this treatment tones the muscles of the face, relaxes constricted muscles (expression lines), fights sagging of tissues and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


1. Unique 360° intelligent rotating drum handle, continuous long-term operation mode, safe and stable.

2. There is an LED display on the handle to display the time and speed, and there is also an LED display light pole, which makes it easier to control and adjust the rotation direction and speed on the handle of the fuselage on site.

3. Switch between forward and reverse directions with one key.

4. The silicone ball is silky and smooth, effortless, the rolling process is gentle and does not tingle, the movement is gentle and even, and it is suitable for pushing, massaging,Boost for best results.

5. There is no need for a beautician to massage, and the operation is simple and safe.

Inner Ball Roller is a non-invasive mechanical compression micro-vibration + infrared therapy. The principle is that the silicone ball rotates and rolls along the roller 360° to generate compression micro-vibration. As the ball rotates and exerts pressure on the skin, a "pulsating compression" effect is produced, and the reciprocating motion of continuous push-pull kneading is realized, and the tissue will experience some pressure and lifting action, without squeezing or damaging the skin, its principle is to release infrared rays while the tissue is applied pressure to stretch the cells to naturally and deeply stimulate cell activity as well as blood flow and oxygenation, fat deposits are pressurized and thus loosened for eventual breakdown , reduce cellulite and remove cellulite; also exert pressure on deep muscle groups to fully soften and stretch, thereby reducing muscle stiffness and soreness, speeding up metabolism, eliminating stagnation and fluid accumulation, toning tissues and re-firming skin tissues, reshaping you body of. It also stimulates fibroblasts, increases collagen and elastin production, increases blood flow and increases oxygen. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed, puffiness and eye bags are reduced, and skin is revitalized and firmed. The technique is clinically proven to help tone muscles and sculpt body and facial rejuvenation, as well as help redesign and firm the bust.

Vascular effect The balance between hydrostatic pressure and bulging pressure usually allows fluid and nutrients to flow from the arterial side, and fluid and catabolites to re-enter the venous side. The increase in hydrostatic pressure is due to the slowing down of venous outflow, which results in water stagnation in the extracellular fluid, forming edema inside the tissue matrix.

Due to the special arrangement of the spheres, they are in a honeycomb shape, through pressure and lifting movements to obtain gradual tissue compression, achieving the effect of vascular exercise.

The "compression microvibration" therapy allows us to balance the hydrostatic pressure of the veins by reversing the internal metabolism and hemodynamic exchange mechanism.

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