448KHZ RF Body Face Lifting Skin Tighten Wrinkle Remove Skin Rejuvenation Whitening Monopolar Radiofrequency Machine

Plug Type: 110V US Plug
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448KHZ RF Body Face Lifting Skin Tighten Wrinkle Remove Skin Rejuvenation Whitening Monopolar Radiofrequency Machine

The RF theory:

RF beauty equipment is the high-tech beauty equipment, great safety and no wound.
The collagen is the main structure of skin. However, the collagen and elastic will reduce and lack because of sun oxidation and air pollution as the time files. As sustainment of skin, flexibility fiber ands collagen fiber would gradually lose elasticity. Sagging skin or other visible signs of aging will appear.

The RF equipment d uses proprietary technology to deliver radiofrequency energy to the deep layer of the skin and its underlying tissue. The heat will accelerate the blood circle, lets the fiber structure shrink instantaneously, and stimulates the renewal of collagen. In response, the collagen shrinks and remodels over time, providing you with tighter skin, renewed facial contours.

Characters of rf:

1. Collagen renewal: the rf energy could be reached the deep layers of skin, stimulating the collagen structure to renew. In response, the best result of tighter skin, renewed facial contours can be expected.
2. simple operation.
3. Instantaneous shrinking skin: when the temperature of collagen up to 40-60,the collagen will shrink instantaneously. Therefore.One time treatment could let you feel the best result.
4. Long renewal effect: after half years treatment, the renewal of collagen makes your skin activated.
5. Great safety: surface layer cooling makes the rf energy and its released speed could be controlled so as to make great safety during the treatment.
6. Comfortable: non-invasive radiofrequency technology, no blood, wound, or lay off.
7. Long effect: one time treatment can make you feel the best result, and last for 3-5 years.
8. Treatment extensive: it could be applied to anyones sagging skin and aging skin.


Commodity Quality Certification ce
Origin China
Warranty 2 Year
Working Principle RF
Certification CE
Function Whitening、Anti Wrinkle、Lifting
Number of Pieces One Unit
Target Area Body, Face
Frequency 50hz
Power 350W
Voltage 100v~120v /220v~240v
packing size 44X34X33cm
 GW 6kg
Material ABS


1. Face lifting
2. Skin lifting around eyes
3. Skin lifting on neck
4. Improve conditions of sagging skin
5. Forehead wrinkle removal
6. Breast lifting
7. Shape back contour
8. Shape belly contour
9. Shape buttocks and legs contour
10. Hand care, effective on removal whelk and scars

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