Oxygen Facial Machine Water Aqua Jet Peel Micro Dermabrasion Diamond Oxygen Facial Therapy Oxygen Jet Peel Machine

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Oxygen Facial Machine Water Aqua Jet Peel Micro Dermabrasion Diamond Oxygen Facial Therapy Oxygen Jet Peel Machine

The Jet Peel combines oxygen and saline, and creates a jet stream of micro-droplets. The Jet power reaches a velocity of up to 600 ft/sec, this powerful but, yet, gentle jet stream is used to exfoliate the skin’s surface without causing irritation. Reaching a skin depth of up to 4.5 mm (3/16″). Jet Peel infusion can reach the dermal layer of the skin where the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and infused with serums to stimulate collagen and elastin.

What Are The Steps Involved in the Jet Peel Treatment?

1. Jet Lymphatic Drainage:

A supersonic jet stream of saline and oxygen gently removes natural debris and exfoliates dead skin cells. It oxygenates the tissue and stimulates micro-circulation. Various massaging motions will be made on your skin with the jet stream moving toxins and debris towards the several lymph nodes within the face and neck.

2. Jet Exfoliation: 
Glycolic acid with vitamins and aloe vera are infused deep into the skin for a gentle but effective peel, without the typical post-peel scaling. Layers of dead skin are superficially removed from the surface of the skin.
3. Jet Infusion: Depending on your skin concern, specific Bio-active serums will be infused with the jet stream deep into the dermal layer of the skin. (Serum examples: Hyalauranic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin A&E, Vitamin B5)

Oxygen Jet Peel Machine

The Oxygen Jet Peel Facial is simply a “pressure wash” that uses jet technology to deep clean by infusing saline and oxygen into the skin, leaving it hydrated, exfoliated and feeling refreshed. There is no pain, no downtime and it feels cool and soothing to your skin. It’s like a mini power washer for the skin! Gently exfoliate the top layers of dry dead skin cells and clean out your pores while hydrating and oxygenating your skin at the same time. This is our most popular treatment to do just before any special occasion. This treatment is also great for acne patients because it helps kill the bad bacteria in the skin.
The Jet Peel is a non-invasive multi-step dermal infusion system that delivers immediate visible results without downtime or skin irritation!

The Jet Peel is ideal for all skin types, improves overall skin health, and effectively treats the following:
1. Fine Lines & Wrinkles
2. Uneven Skin Tones
3. Dry Skin
4. Dark Circles, Under eye bags
5. Sun Damage
6. Loose Skin
7. Enlarged Pores
8. Signs of aging
9. Acne & Blackheads
10. Oily & Congested Pores
Jet Peel Benefits:
1. Glowing, bright Skin
2. Provides tightening and lifting on loose skin
3. Hydrates
4. Improves circulation
5. Exfoliates dead skin
6. Decreases the appearance of pores
7. Improves fine lines and wrinkles
8. Under eye "de-puffing" & Brightening
1. This oxygen jet peel machine have a strong power, pump reaches 4 pounds.
2. Full metal body, strong, durable and upscale.
3. 5 in 1 multi-function, meet your all-round cleaning needs.
4. Skin scrubber have 4 working modes, you can choose the appropriate mode according to your needs.

Oxygen Jet Peel

Jet peel treatments are highly effective in deep cleaning, skin texture improvement, skin rejuvenation. It is also very helpful with acne, blackheads and other comedone eruptions offering accelerated healing and clearing of the skin condition. It is at high speed, striking against the skin and thereby removing any dead skin cells with little effort and absolutely no pain to the client, deeply exfoliating.

Acne removal: Pressurized oxygen accelerates a jet of micro droplets and the micro jet is used to gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate your skin, easy remove the acne, after cleaning our skin and leading nutrients to skin, it can improve the oil skin makes the acne no chance to rebound.
Scare repair: Pressurized water and oxygen directly jet the scar, can activity the dead cells, and promote the regeneration of collagen, can provide the needed nutrients for the scar, so it can be repaired.
Face lifting: When the high pressure jet to face, it can stimulate the skin blood circulation and fibrous tissue regeneration, increase cell metabolism, to makes the adipose tissue reduced, increased flexibility.

Water Dermabrasion

Water dermabrasion is the same process of exfoliation. However, instead of crystals hitting the skin with pressure, the machine uses vacuum suction of all kinds of dirty in the skin, so it can effective facial deeply cleansing, peeling, pore cleansing. The machine also uses water to push it into the deeper layers of the skin while the exfoliation process is going on. So clients will experience both suction, exfoliation, and wetness from the vacuum.

Water Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion provides a Non-Surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using sterile diamond heads to peel and rub off the dead cells at the top skin layer followed by vacuuming/suction removing particles along with any dirt and dead skin. This procedure removes skin debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation of the skin.

Skin scrubber

This scrubber works through ultrasonic vibration, which can go deep into the pores, move the probe in the direction from inward to outward, accompany with suitable emulsion or gel can remove dirt, aging cells, and corneum, eliminate pigmentation, wrinkle, acne, dead skin and dirt, make the skin shining and elastic.

Oxygen Spray Gun

Put the nurtial into the bottle, and use high pressure oxygen to penetrate of the skin, make the essence atomized and the pores more easily absorbed. It can strengthen the cells, increase its resistibility, dispel the waste easily and promote its metabolism. So that it can treat and improve the problems such as dark and dim skin, wrinkles, looseness, pigmentation and the conventional skin Problems.
How will my face look right after the treatment?
After your JetPeel treatment you will have ABSOLUTELY NO DOWNTIME! Your skin will immediately look refreshed, glowing, hydrated, smooth, and bright!
How many Treatments will I need?
Depending on your skin concern we recommend between 3-6 treatments every 2-4 weeks. You will see an immediate improvement in your skin after just one treatment, but we recommend at least 3 treatments to give you the most optimal results.

Oxygen Jet Facial Care Machines

1) Water jet peel

2) Water dermabrasion

3) Spray gun

Air-pressure Power

0-4 bar 0-80KPA

Max Output

300 VA

Operation Control

Control Panel


1)4 Bar jet peel handpiece (3 pores)

2) Water dermabrasion wand

3) Diamond water dermabrasion wand(optional)

4) Spray gun

5) Skin scrubber


100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

Packing Size


Gross Weight

32 kgs


2 Years / 24 Months

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