Painless Whole Body IPL Laser Hair Remover Device IPL Ice Hair Removal IPL Fast Hair Remove Machine

Plug Type: US Plug
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Treatment Wavelength   560nm/695nm
Energy density  

560nm: 5~35J/cm²  695 nm: 3 ~ 40 j/cm² 

Spot 8 ×40.0mm  
Pulse Mode single/double/three  
Pulse width 3.0 ×8.0ms 
Pulse delay 5.0 ×40.0ms  
Cooling mode sapphire continuous contact cooling -2~4℃ 


Rotation Pulsed Light

This machine is a comprehensive treatment system for multi-wavelength treatment of vascular lesions and pigmented lesions. It is a perfect combination of lattice technology and perfect pulse technology, and then uses specific wavelengths of intense pulsed light to act on skin tissue to generate photothermal effects and light. Biochemically, they are absorbed by chromophores (melanin, hemoglobin, collagen) at different depths in the skin, resulting in a safe and efficient treatment effect.

Pigmented lesions principle

Using the principle of selective photothermolysis, melanin absorbs light in the corresponding wavelength band, resulting in thermal decomposition, and the decomposed pigment particles are metabolized by the lymphatic system or decomposed into the body.

Eliminate vascular lesions

Using the principle of selective photothermolysis, the hemoglobin and hemoglobin in the diseased tissue absorb the energy in the corresponding spectrum to produce photothermal effect, the blood heats up, and the heat energy is transmitted to the blood vessel wall, resulting in swelling of vascular endothelial cells, tissue hypoxia, and atrophy and necrosis. , until absorbed by the tissue.

CLT (Cell Light Technology)

Safer and more comfortable. The course of treatment can be shortened and the recurrence rate is low.

Perfect pulse light technology

The latest generation of pulsed technology to achieve uniform energy balance throughout the pulse, and to accurately control each pulse, so that the treatment effect and treatment safety can be significantly improved at the same time.

Unique wavelength advantage

The precise wavelength of 560nm and 695nm can reach the dermis layer of the skin, selectively absorb the energy of light, and effectively treat multiple skin problems without repetition.

Sapphire continuous contact cooling system

It can achieve the continuous cooling effect of -2~4℃, improve the customer's experience and comfort, almost achieve the effect of painless hair removal and be safer

Exclusive design handle

No filter, reduce consumables,convenient operation, save operation time

Intelligent system

provide treatment parameters, fully adjustable parameters, intelligent computing technology


560nm:acne treatment , pigment removal,acne scar removal,skin whitening,skin rejuvenation, spot removal,pore tightening,birthmark removal,blackhead removal,vascular treatment,skin tightening, brighten dull skin

695nm:painless and permanent full body hair removal

Treatment range

1. Fast rolling hair removal; indecent hair can be removed from all over the body.
2. Change pigment problems: freckles, age spots, pigmentation and acne marks and other pigment problems.
3. Eliminate vascular lesions: red blood, facial flushing and rosacea and other vascular lesions.
4. Changes in skin texture: take fine pores, dilute fine wrinkles, brighten skin tone and restore skin elasticity and luster

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