Portable Ice Sculpture Machine 8 Board cryo slimming machine Fat Reduction Cryotherapy Cellulite Removal Body Sculpting Machine

Color: 220V
Plug Type: US Plug
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Brand Name: KMSLASER
Power Type: Electric
Origin: Mainland China
Item Type: Epilator


E-Cool pad is the new plate cryo with EMS and independent operator, which combines tissue cooling with cellular, muscular and dermal Stimulation. This technique is extremely effective for reducing tissue folds that are formed by loss of dermal support associated with the weight of localized fat.

Due to the action of cold and EMS, a revitalization occurs, giving the skin more firmness and luminosity, in addition to stimulating collagen and elastin fibers. For cellulite and localized fat, specific products are also used to penetrate the skin through iontophoresis, with a faster result.

Why additional EMS?

EMS adapters are also built into applicators.The electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) works in two ways at the same time.
EMS helps the cooling conducting faster, more effectively to freeze fat cells.
Also, EMS helps to stimulate metabolism which benefit the result of cooling, body metabolism to remove the crystallized fat cells.
As clinic study, cooling treatment apply 2 degrees to crystallize fat cell as the same time, no harm to the skin and normal cells.

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