Portable Zionic Rollactive RF 448Khz Diathermy Radio Frequency Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

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Portable Zionic Rollactive RF Diathermy Device Radio Frequency 448Khz RF Cavitation Slimming Machine

ZShape 3D Rollactive: reduces up to 2 sizes without losing weight
ZShape 3D Rollactive is a new system of physiological massage inspired by the movements of the hands of the masseur, able to access the deeper tissues such as musculature and adipose tissue, where the most rebellious cellulite is located. ZShape 3D is the only method for body treatments capable of reducing an average of 2 sizes without needing to lose weight, while achieving a firm skin, eliminates retained liquids, enhances the female figure and tones the muscles and the entire vascular system. All in the same treatment! Unlike the other systems that suck, pull, stretch and cause sagging during the treatment, Rollaction compresses and slides on the surface, without causing any traction on the skin and accesses the most staggered cellulite eliminating sagging, as well as liquids, fats, cellular waste.
Especially indicated for: - Reduction of cellulite and flaccidity - Muscle toning - Body remodeling - Improved up to 2 sizes without losing weight

3D Cavitation is a method of non-surgical liposuction. It destroys fat cells in the body safely, effectively and non-invasively using low frequency ultrasound waves.
The treatment works by applying a specially designed hand-piece to your skin which transmits ultrasonic waves back and forth, gradually turning the fat cells into liquid, without harming any other tissue. The liquid is then transported to the liver and kidneys and expelled naturally from the body.
3D Cavitation is ideal for use on localised areas such as the thighs, abdomen, hips, bottom and upper arms.
An average reduction of several centimetres can often be achieved during a single session. However, we normally recommend a course of 6-8 treatments to achieve the very best results.

Product Name

Zshape 3D

deep active rotational massage (MARP) + Radiofrequency RF
RF Frequency

RF power

Rolling Speed

400 rpm
Cavitation Power


Using Effects

Rollaction Treatments

Fats: The adipose tissue fulfills its function of retaining lipids as an energy source, causing inflammation in the cell, a considerable increase in the volume of fat, and creating orange peel.

Liquids: Cell membranes become more impermeable due to metabolic imbalance, decreasing the capacity of liquid transmission through them and causing fluid retention.

Toxins: Cell exchange is very limited due to obstruction and compression of the capillary system and lymphatic elimination pathways, the blood does not circulate with fluidity and is saturated with cellular debris. The food of all tissues is very poor in nutrients and oxygen causing atrophy of these.

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