pressotherapy drenagem corporal massagem aparelho de drenagem linftica lymphatic massage lymphatic massage machine machine

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The pressurization mode adopts a scientific incremental method,Pressure adjustmentaccording to the user's fatness and weight and endurance. Every part can be massaged reasonably to make the massage intensity more suitable, more comfortable and morescientific.

24 airbags for full body massage, from arms, back, waist,hips, thighs, calves to heels. Different types of pressure suits are available to choose from to massage different body parts.

The air wave massager is inflated through a multi-cavity, and has a rhythmic aeratedinfla tion and squeezing. Deflating. Forms a cyclical pressure on the limb. Arrives to promote venous retum . Strengthens arterial perfusion. lmproves blood and lymphcirculation . Pre vents venous thrombosis Eliminate edema and promote healing treatment. It can not mo ve for the limbs and has better quality effect.

1.Give you more comfortable massge experience.
2.Easy operation. It is convenient for elderly to operate.
3.High-end powerful motor.
4.Made of high-end fabric, soft and comfortable.
5.Others: Time set; Pressure regulation; Mode switch. Zipper to open and close.
Multi-segment design is suitable for people of different bodies

Upper body sleeve (16 airbags) The 16 cells provide peristaltic and sequential pressure layer lymphatic drainage, massaging the upper arms and back of the body, also soothing sore muscles and thoroughly relaxing the skin.
Legs (8 airbags) Medical grade pants can treat the entire lower body from the feet to the abdomen and provide extremely effective lymphatic drainage. It is highly recommended to use in salons. The heating wire massages the feet and promotes blood circulation to the feet.
According to the principle of blood circulation, the multiple airbags arerepeatedly inflated and deflated by the air pump from the distal end tothe proximal end in order to achieve the effect of squeezing massage.
Intelligent cycle massage combines push, press, pinch,and automatic cycle massage with uniform and comfortable strength.
Intermittently inflate and pressurize the 1, 2, 3, and 4air chambers from the distal end to the proximal end.
pressotherapy machine is mainly used in the following places: Beauty salon: The pressotherapy machine can be used in body shaping and weight loss treatments in beauty salons. Through air pressure massage, it promotes lymph circulation and blood circulation, eliminates edema and toxins, and achieves body shaping and weight loss effects.
Massage center: The pressotherapy machine can be used in relaxation and soothing treatments in the massage center. Through air pressure massage, it can reduce muscle fatigue and tension, promote blood circulation, and relieve body stress and discomfort. Medical beauty clinic: The pressotherapy machine can be used in lymphatic drainage treatments in medical beauty clinics. Through air pressure massage, it promotes lymph circulation, improves skin edema and congestion, and achieves the effect of improving skin quality and improving skin problems.
Rehabilitation center: The pressuretherapy machine can be used in rehabilitation treatment in the rehabilitation center. Through air pressure massage, it promotes blood circulation and lymph circulation, relieves muscle pain and stiffness, and speeds up the recovery process.
Gym: The pressotherapy machine can be used for exercise recovery and muscle relaxation in the gym. Through air pressure massage, it accelerates the discharge of waste materials, relieves muscle soreness and fatigue, and improves the speed of recovery after exercise.

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