Professional fat dissolving with frozen RF equipment improve skin cryo slimming machine coryskin for easy operation

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Product Applications

 RF Principle

Radio Frequency Vacuum treatment is designed to remove body fats in a very targeted way. It is pain free, completely safe, carries no unpleasant side effects and totally non-invasive. A hand-held probe pulls the fat tissue into the suction cup while the radio frequency wave hits the fat cell and causes the walls to become weak and the contents to become liquid and be eliminated by the body. Other than reducing pockets of stubborn fat, radio frequency wave encourages the body to produce new collagen which has the effect of tightening and toning the skin and improving its texture. Radio Frequency Vacuum is one of the treatments for cellulite reduction.

Frozen Principle

      The effect of low temperature can cure diseases, improve skin,and beauty is ignored and unfamiliar to ordinary people.As far back as 2500 BC, the egyptians knew that ice was placed directly on the wound to reduce the pain and swelling of the wound.In short,using a lower temperature than the body's surface temperature for therapeutic improvement is called Low temperature treatment or Frozen therapy(CRYOTHERAPY).

Product demonstration

Main functions

1. Contract blood vessels, the production of capillary pore tightening, the pore has a great improvement space.
2. Strengthen collagen fiber, make skin firm and elastic, smooth wrinkles and crow's feet. 3. Contract blood vessels, effectively reducing varicose veins, floating fine veins, and harmful wastes with venous reflux are easier to be purified and detoxified,which has a significant effect on the dilution and elimination of plaque.
4. Reduce the metabolic rate, reduce the red skin,swelling,swelling,pain,especially allergic skin.

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