RF Fractional Microneedle Machine Stretch Mark Remove Acne Face Wrinkle Removal

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RF Fractional Microneedle Machine Stretch Mark Remove Acne Face Wrinkle Removal


RF machine penetrates target area from the epidermis to dermis without energy loss and rf machine stimulates disordered collagen in order to remodel it efficiently.
Stepping motor-driven mechanism enables to control penetration depth precisely and accurately. The fractional rf delivers thermal energy to the treatment area more safely, more effectively. It allows treatment regardless of skin type. Laser is mostly absorbed by melanin, especially in darker skin. Besides, resurfacing laser can be aggressive at the epidermal level, so it is quite risky to treat with laser on dark skin. but RF is able to avoid targeting the melanin in the skin since it is no longer dependent on light & laser energy to heat the skin. This is a fractional skin rejuvenation method for safe treatment.

Three types of needles of fractional microneedle rf:

10pins microneedle rf for eye around lifting
25pins for microneedle rf face lifting
64pins for body rf stretch mark removal


1. Remove wrinkles and collagen regeneration
2. Remove freckles & skin whitening
3. Diminish acne & acne scars
4. Restoring skin elasticity
5. Improve skin texture and color
6. Solve eye problems- Eliminate dark circles, bags under the eyes, eye lines, and relieve edema.
7. Improve body function-Edema subsided frivolously, improved blood and lymph circulation


1) Multifunction for wrinkle removal
2) Combine both invasive treatment and non-invasive treatment.
3) The depth of the needle can be adjusted from 3.5mm MAX.
4) Different size probes can be chosen: 10mm, 25pin, 64pin.


Package includes:

1 x Machine
1 x Power Supply
1 x Handle
1 x 10Pins
1 x 25Pins
1 x 64Pins

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