shockwave shock wave therapy machine focused orthopedic radial radial ed extracorporeal physiotherapy dysfunction for men

Plug Type: US Plug
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Frequency 1-21hz
Power supply 110-220V
Replaceable probes 7 pcs
Power 300W
Machine Size 38x48x24cm
Package Size 43x55x38cm

Shockwave therapy, also known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), is a medical treatment that uses acoustic waves to stimulate healing and reduce pain in various musculoskeletal conditions. The shockwaves are typically generated by a device and targeted towards the affected area, promoting increased blood flow, tissue regeneration, and a reduction in inflammation.


This non-invasive therapy is commonly used to treat conditions such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis,and other orthopedic issues. Shockwave therapy is typically administered
by a physiotherapist, health professional, sports medicine physician, or athletic trainer with a physician’s supervision.


  • lngrowth of Neovascularization, Reversal of Chronic lnflammation, Stimulation of Collagen
  • Ballistic pneumatic shockwave with multiple tips on applicator
  • Max energy up to 10 Bar and frequency up to 21 Hz
  • High effectivenes, fastly relieve pain;
  • Non-invasive,no anesthetic, convenient and fast;
  • Each nursing only 20-30 minutes, 5-10 nursing each session;


Plantar fascitis w
Trochanteric tendonitis
Waist or stern pain w
Patell tendonitis
Tibial stress syndrome
Shoulder pain,calcific tendonitis
Radial or ulnar humeral epicondylitis

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