Weight Loss Contouring Machine Rf Fat Burning Spinning Weight Loss Machine For Women Fat Cavitation And Rf Skin Tightening

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This  equipment  is  the  use  of  medical  common  microwave  frequency  of  2540 MHz. microwave thermotherapy is  to  put  the organism in  the  microwave  radiation  field  to complete, So that it reaches a temperature a  number  of  degrees higher than  the  body temperature, generally 45 ℃ ~ 49 ℃. At the same time different parts and keep a certain time  to use time. Bio-thermal  effect  is: when  the  human body tissues are irradiated by microwaves, the body's polarized  molecules,  such  as water molecules, under the action of microwave high-speed flip, friction  so  that  the  temperature  of the tissues gradually rise, so  it  will  make the human body tissues  to  produce  a  bio-thermal  effect, and  to obtain  the  medical  effect,  and  destruction  of  hyperplasia tissues. Heat vasodilatation caused  by increased blood flow, increase capillary pressure, increase the permeability of cell membranes and accelerate metabolism, so that  muscle  relaxation, eliminate  spasm and  relieve  muscle  spasms,  to  achieve the purpose of soothing and anti-inflammatory and  other  purposes, warming requirements are not stringent, characterized by the need to undress.

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