Weight Loss Ultrasound Fat Cavitation 80K RF Body Slimming Removal Slim Machine

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Weight Loss Ultrasound Fat Cavitation 80K RF Body Slimming Removal Slim Machine


1. 80K strong fat burning, more than 100,000 ultrasonic input per minute, rapid vibration of adipose tissue, compared to the traditional manipulation is simple and fast, no damage to skin, no damage to cells.
2. Breast hip lift cup, through the strong negative pressure suction, at the same time spread with vibration massage, can penetrate subcutaneous tissue 7cm, deep massage chest, lift breast, and can play the role of buttock lifting.
3. Rf negative pressure cupping cup (L, M, S), vacuum negative pressure and photoelectric radio frequency are combined to activate adipose tissue in the body and decompose to produce energy, so as to reduce the effect of fat reducing. Meanwhile, vacuum Negative pressure pulsing and irrigation can play the role of removing acid clearing damp.
4. Infrared meridians brush to dredge the channels through the current, so that the blockage in the body can be more smoothly discharged from the body.
5. Magnetic energy vibration probe produces magnetic energy while working, vibration and heat, mainly for the head, waist and abdomen, shoulders and neck and other problems.
6. Scrape cupping cup, vacuum negative pressure cupping, safe and effective, one person can operate 8 cups at the same time, compared with the traditional method is safer, more convenient and fast.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Slimming Machine
Material: ABS
Color: Silver
Power: 600W
Working Voltage: 15V
Pneumatic: 70pa
Time Adjustment :0-30 minutes
Strength Adjustment: 0-15 gear
Current Mode: Continuous pulse
Functions: Fat burning, radio frequency, micro electricity, negative pressure cupping, vibration, heating, massage, breast enhancement and buttock lifting
Integrates breast beautification, fat reduction, negative pressure scrapping cupping, electrotherapy. The technology is constantly improved and the quality inspection report is complete.
Operate noiseless, high speed heat dissipation, and the probe can be charged and heated, 80K fat burning, better using experience.

Package List:

1 x Host
1 x 80K Fat Burning Probe
1 x Vibration Probe
1 x Physical Therapy Brush
3 x Negative Pressure Probes ( L, M, S each size have 1pc)
8 x Breast Enhancement Buttock Lifting Cup
8 x Single Interface Cupping Cups
6 x Double Interface Cupping Cups
13 x Face Cupping Cups
2 x Steel Pipe
1 x Supporting Plate
1 x Negative Pressure Pipe
2 x Four Wire Link Pipes
2 x Short Pipe
1 x Long Tube
1 x Two-Way Conversion Head
1 x Three-Way Conversion Head
6 x Plug
1 x Adapter
1 x Vibration Infrared Connection Cable

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